Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am having a great day today

I am praying that someday I have a happy Asian-ly inclined baby that is as cute as this one

I am having such a good day! Can I be excited about it for a little minute? (as opposed to a big minute, which is longer)

Here is why:

1. I got a really good grade on an assignment.

2. I ran eight miles today, and for part of that time I read a US Weekly that I got from work. I guess the College of Family, Home, and Social Sciences has no use for such a prestigious publication.

3. My Shakespeare class was cancelled. See my Class Cancelled post for why this is so great. And it is cancelled Friday too for the forum when Mark Zuckerburg comes to BYU! I am so pumped, I hope I get a chance to tell him how great his movie was, and how they should have gotten Michael Cera to play him because everyone loves Michael Cera, and how much I love his website called Facebook.

4. It is sunny and lovely out and it snowed yesterday so I really appreciate it.

5. We had a meeting at work today and my boss brought Cadbury mini eggs. Six ladies in a room for an hour...we finished the whole bag.

6. I get to pick whatever work shedule (see 30 Rock) I want for this fall! Yahoo Zumba class here I come! ( my last time registering for Fall semester classes since I will be student teaching in 2012...weird!)

7. There was an orange that I forgot I packed this morning in my bag, and I discovered it accidentally in a moment of hunger. This never happens to me, but I still comb my backpack daily hoping that I forgot about a magical food item that I packed.

8. I have no homework due tomorrow so I am actually getting ahead today. Wha???

9. Hubsie hubs is making soup and muffins tonight so there will be dinner when I get home from my horrible boring night class!

10. Speaking of my horrible boring night class I for once was not trying to do the homework 2 minutes before class like usual, so I am using this time for important blogging.

11. The BYU game is tomorrow and we are making fake Cafe Rio salads while we watch.

12. We are going to Festival of Colors this weekend. For those of you not in Provo, it is an event that the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork (like 10 miles South) does for their Holi celebration every year. Basically it is an excuse for BYU kids to throw colored powder at each other and feel like they are taking part in something cool and hip and foreign. Lots of V-neck T's and gladiator sandals. It's way fun though and Dave has never been.

13. I think I will make these cupcakes this weekend that I found on a new blog that I like to stalk. A big part of my week is thinking about which treat to make over the weekend. I am visiting teaching this Sunday and my treat last month stunk so I need to make up for it.

Yep...I am really happy with this day so far. What have been your day's highs and lows? Do you plot treats in your mind all day long?


  1. Wow. Mark Zuckerberg. Is he bringing those Winkelvoss twins? Did you know that they were played by one guy in the movie? What, aren't there any tall twins who can act? And what ever happened to Lindsay Lohan's twin? Did she go bad, too?

  2. I love this post! And Cadbury Eggs! And the Sunshine! And our job! And US Weekly! And cupcakes! Life is so good for us....

  3. Yay for good days! This post made me smile, especially that incredibly adorable baby :)

  4. That cute little monkey baby just made my day!! P.S. I think you should post some of your recipes they sound divine!!