Sunday, March 6, 2011


For my Shakespeare class we have a requirement where we have to participate in a Shakespeare performance of some kind. Naturally, I had absolutely no idea how I was supposed to pull that off. Suddenly break into the Orem/Provo improv scene? Take The Scera by storm? Bring down the DeJong with my Ophelia? I was kind of not sure how I was going to find an opportunity to get involved with theater all of a sudden. Then, a girl in my class suggested that we put on a flashmob of some kind of Shakespeare soliloquy. It was one of those things that sounds really fun at the time and then when the time comes it sounds really awkward and scary and you want to run away. Kind of like the time I decided to do a clogging routine in front of my ward (my mom's idea, not mine), and go to college (my idea but still awkward and scary when the time came).

Anyway, I showed up to the Provo Towne Center with my line memorized ("She speaks yet she says nothing, what of that?") and a knot in my stomach. Willful public humiliation is not that new to me, so I don't know why I was dreading it. We practiced outside, and I even got Dave to join in because someone didn't show up, so I begged and pleaded mostly because he had a camera and I didn't want him free to use it :)

It ended up being really fun though! Apparently you couldn't hear my line (I get nervous quiet voice), but we got some laughs and a smattering of applause and the requirement is over! And, the girl in our class who set it up is in Divine Comedy so she recruited some of her friends to come. BYU royalty makes everything more exciting!

*Relieved Face*

The next Kenneth Branagh

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