Monday, March 7, 2011

Thoughts on a Rainy Day

1. I am really thankful that Dave looked at the weather today and told me to wear rain-appropriate shoes. I had cold, damp feet all day for like three days last week and it felt really good to have dry toesies today.

2. I love leftover days. We usually cook one day, eat leftovers the next, and I love nothing more than coming home and having din-din all ready to go. Today was a leftover day, and re-heated meatloaf tasted delish.

3. Though I started to semi-judge the guy I saw wearing yellow crocs with his dress pants today, I rethought it because he has more confidence than I do.

4. Can I wear my same boots tomorrow? I want dry feet again.

5. I love to put chips on my sandwiches but it makes me feel like a fat kid in an elementary school cafeteria. I hope that no one notices me do it or hears that tell-tale crunch.

6. Mondays have none of my favorite sitcoms. Boo.

7. Monday does have FHE though and that's cool!

8. I am already well on my way to song-killing "Turn It Up" by Ciara featuring Usher. I would include a link to it, but I am embarrassed that I am not cool enough to not like music like this any more. I had to make myself only listen to it once a mile when I was running today.

9. Today was the first time in my college life that I have had so much to say in a class that I had to stop myself from talking too much. I felt really, really good.


  1. Monday night= The Bachelor!... If you're into that kind of trash like me :) Hey it makes for good entertainment!

  2. As it so happens, I AM into that kind of trash! Great point Amelia...I will have to convince Dave that he likes dramatic crying women...other than the one he already has :)