Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bad Days Happen, It's True.

I usually am really happy! Most people have told me that I am a pretty cheerful and even-keeled person, but sometimes, bad days happen. I used to felt really guilty in the past when bad days happened to me (notice the passive voice...none of the blame was my own, haha), because I thought that I was failing at looking for the silver lining. I thought that you had to somehow wrench a good mood out of a bad situation. Like you couldn't admit that sometimes, we just have really crappy days and bad things happen and you just want to feel sorry for yourself. And yes, I am a terrible person because I say the word crap.

But then I think about how the scriptures tell us that there is a time and a place for everything, including mourning. Even Jesus wept, right? So while I don't think we should by any means take sadness or wallowing to an extreme, it is ok to be bummed or sad sometimes. As my mom always says "let people feel their feelings". And then, tomorrow is always better, I have noticed. So let yourself have a bad day every now and then. It makes you appreciate the good times, which I am anticipating a lot of tomorrow.

So world, today was a bad day. It's ok to admit it! I felt sorry for myself, and now I am done mourning and have moved on. Letting myself do this every so often has made my life so much easier... :)

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  1. Does Mom say to let people feel their feelings? I've never heard that. What else does she tell you that she doesn't tell me?