Friday, December 2, 2011


Anyone who has been around Facebook, Pinterest, or basically the internet in general for the past five years has probably seen these cards at some point. The website has some pretty inappropriate ones, so I might not recommend searching them out...but sometimes they are just perfect for saying "I'm sorry," to the one you love. Last night Dave and I emailed these to each other at the exact same time without even realizing the other one had done the same thing (yes, we email each other from 10 steps away. It's the American dream: two computers in one home and plenty of laziness and poor verbal communication).

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Me, to him

Funny Christmas Season Ecard: Sorry that your child's Christmas was ruined because the mall Santa was Asian.
Him, to me

Some other funnies that I found on Pinterest:

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This is how I feel this week...

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I usually assume I am getting fired, broken up with, or disowned. So far none of those has happened. But it is still scary.

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Ahahahaha. I can make fun of the English people because I am one of them.

Do any of you have awesome boards of funny stuff on Pinterest that I should know about? I mean, even since Facebook got rid of bumper stickers in like 2008 I have been hurting for a great funny time waster to pretend I don't waste way too much time on...