Monday, March 21, 2011

Birthday Reflections

Today is Dave's birthday! He is a whole 23 years old. My, how the years have flown. I think I have never been so excited for someone else to open up their presents than I am today. That, and we are using a gift card from our wedding to go out to Olive Garden. Eating out on a Monday? Best day ever!

I just want to take some time to think about how much I love Dave. He really is the best person I have ever met and my best friend and I can't think of how marrying anyone else would have possibly worked out. He does so much for me, and he is such a good example. I have learned that complaining about other people is no fun around Dave, because he always thinks of something nice to say to turn it around, and he never complains about anything. He always forgives me for the petty dumb things I get mad or upset about. He does the dishes and makes our bed every day. He teaches the lesson for FHE every week (I do treats), gently helps me be on time to church by setting secret alarms for me when he goes early for priesthood meeting, AND he is willing to do the human elliptical with me so I can keep my awesome toned legs (this, for those of you who don't do it, is a very intricate exercise where both people lay on their back and put their feet together and pedal like an elliptical. It is good for entertainment between the hours of midnight and 2 am.)

This is my second birthday with Dave, and so naturally I was drawn to reflect upon the first. Last year's was significant because it was also the day of our first kiss! Seems cute, and it was...especially seeing as it took him a good two months to do it. And he can't claim that I didn't give him a chance because I spent many a night standing in the freezing Utah winter air in the classy Glenwood parking lot, staring up at him beguilingly, but he just wouldn't make a move! I had the following suggestions from friends on how to remedy the situation:

Katrina Lewis: make a playlist, all with songs about kissing, and pop it ever-so-nonchalantly into the CD player in his car.

Jennifer Watson: Lay off, because I was being too obvious

Laura Runyan: Kiss him first, and then she tried to refuse to be my friend or talk to me until I did it so the urgency of the situation was even worse.

Since I refused to act on any of these, we just went on with meaningful hugs goodnight and awkward, pregnant pauses for a long time.

The day before his birthday last year was the day that I was to arrive home from a trip to Indiana with my dance team. He of course came and picked me up and I was SOOO excited to see him, because we had been apart for a whole 56 hours. He was even wearing a new shirt for the occasion. It was like 11 when I got home so I was naturally pretty tired, and needed to kind of get started on the cake and dinner I was making for his birthday the next day, so I sort of expected a quick goodnight. However, Dave stood in the parking lot by his car and sort of refused to budge. Like, for two and a half hours. I was wearing a dress and had no coat on, so I really would have liked to budge, but I was so in love that I stayed out in the March wind :) And he gave me his jacket, which made me happy.

We kept talking and I finally said that I should probably go in, so Dave goes "um, I need to do something...but I can't. I have been trying to do it for a while..." Clear communication right there sweetie! So I was like "oh, what? Like you need to tell me something?" And he was just kind of started laughing and mumbling random stuff and then I started laughing and we were both giggling and trying to ward off the parking enforcement that wanted to boot his car for being there too late. He goes "ok, count to three for me and I will tell you on three" so I did, and nothing happened, and then he said "do it again, but this time count down from three and then say 'do it' " so I obliged, then "third time's a charm" so I did it again, and by this time we were both laughing. He finally did it this time, and then we both burst out laughing afterward about how goofy we were and just the sillyness of us stalling for so long when it was FREEZING and late. By that time it was his birthday since it was Sunday morning, so technically,our first kiss happened on his birthday. Happy birthday to you is all I can say :)

And in the end, I am really glad that Dave took his time with everything. I always tease him about being so shy and a slow mover but actually, I wouldn't have it any other way.

I love you so much sweetie! You're the cutest, sweetest, funniest 23-year-old in the world! Even more wonderful than the following celebrities who are your same age, who I took the liberty of looking up for you:

Zac Efron
Alexis Vega (Spy Kids)
Haley Joel Osment
Michael Cera

I wish you more joy than all of the number one hits and dead people movies in the world could bring! Bring on the unlimited breadsticks and leftover cake tonight!


  1. I'm honored to be mentioned in this blog post.

  2. I am honored as well. I am also happy to have found this lovely blog. Love you :)