Saturday, March 12, 2011

Miracle Dress

Ok. I am sure that anyone in college, just out of college, or just married can commiserate with me when it comes to shopping. I try to convince myself that it is fun to be broke and that "just browsing" is fun but it seems like lately, walking into a clothing store is nothing but pure torture to me. I have plenty of clothes, but the second I walk into Gap I am convinced that I desperately need white skinny jeans and flowery scarves and gladiator sandals. They are Spring ESSENTIALS! I NEED that stuff, obviously.

Anyway, I was birthday shopping for dearie dear today (almost 23! My baby's growing up!) and it was the first time in a while that I had been in a store all by myself...usually we do everything together other than go to class and work. It was kind of weird, but I took advantage of this opportunity to do what I do best: take 23 hours in a store. I wandered around Old Navy, barely able to lift my feet in depression over all of the cute stuff that I would never be able to afford. Striped cardis. Peasant blouses. Eyelet skirts. I gave the stink eye to all of the happy shoppers with their armfuls of brightly colored T's and discount denim. And then, a miracle:

See, it had been kind of a lousy day up until this point. Usually Saturdays are impossible to de-rail, but this one got off to a bummer start and I just couldn't snap out of my foul temper. I blame the fact that I felt like spending $7 on two boxes of Girl Scout cookies was stupid yet I wanted them oh so bad (Seasonal items stress me out: I always buy oodles of pumpkin products come October because I feel like I will miss it if I don't take advantage when I can.), and there was a 10k that I really really wanted to run this morning but we decided that we could think of better things to spend $20 bucks on. So basically, I was having a really big pity party that day. I know, obviously my "Reversals" don't work all of the time. Hey, I'm only human.

Anyway, I turned the corner at Old Navy and half-heartedly poked through the clearance rack. Seeing as there is hardly ever anything in my size on sale racks that is any good, I didn't expect much. Then, I saw it: a pink, short-sleeved, knee-length dress. Size small. Somehow, still just hanging there, waiting for me. I thought that for sure it was a mistake, things in small don't just hang there forever, they are snatched up immediately by one of the many small women in Provo (has anyone else noticed that? I feel like AK had so much more of a bell-curve when it came to sizing. Utah is skewed heavily toward the small end). Hands trembling, I looked at the tag: $12.50. Are you kidding?!?!? Now that, I can afford. I had $20 bucks from my parents for Valentine's day, and I would have change to spare for that essential flowered scarf that Gap told me I needed.

I rushed to the dressing room and tried it on. It was exactly what I needed for Summertime: comfy yet dressy enough to wear to work. I was giddy with sale brain. I even snapped a dressing room pic which I kind of thought only 14 year olds did. But since I have a Hello Kitty phone cover like a 14 year old that's ok:

As I took the dress off and hung it back up, I noticed the reason why it was untouched on the rack: it was maternity. Cool. But you know what? I didn't care. It had a tie, and I will just tie it extra tight...when you are shopping on a budget, you can't afford to always buy in your proper gestational section of the store.


  1. I did that whole 'walk around the mall and look longingly at all the things you're too broke for' thing Friday. What a bummer.

    I'm glad you found your dress :) Hope I see it soon!

  2. It looks so cute on you Claire! You know, I have a new theory that it just makes sense to buy all my clothes in maternity. The styles work for when not even pregnant, and then you can still fit all your clothes when you are!