Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Everybody Loves an Air Show

At least, everybody in Southern Utah that is. This past weekend we went down to visit Dave's family because his sister and brother and their families were going to be in town for Spring Break, so we wanted to see them even just for the two short days. While we were there the Blue Angels were going to be rolling through town, so Dave's parents thought that would be a fun activity for everyone to go to. It was really fun to see the awesome planes and the displays and stuff (just watching their tricks made me want to barf), but I think my favorite part may have been the people-watching. Southern Utah's finest all came out for this event, let me tell ya. The place was packed to the gills. We also ran into our friends Sam and Ronnie which didn't surprise me because Ronnie is a plane expert :)

The Blue Angels, strutting their stuff. We actually got up and walked out to our cars for their performance because we were afraid that it would take so long to get out of there with everyone else. As it turned out, that worked out great because we got front-row seats out in the parking lot.

Not the most flattering picture but you can see the masses of humanity in the background. And part of a plane. Oh and it was St. Patty's Day so we were wearing green! 

I also had my first experience with corned beef and cabbage which was funny because Dave's family has it every St. Patrick's Day and I never have. Who is the one who did Irish Dance for like 6 years and claims to be Irish? Moi. I guess my irrational fear of foreign meats kept me from trying it but it was pretty good!

Good News!

So I am for sure interning at AFJH next year! I will be signing a contract next month. It is scary to think about having an adult job with consequences and real responsibilities and all that but also really exciting to think about proving to myself that I can be a real teacher. And I feel kind of cool having a salary and stuff, also; I didn't know if I would ever have that experience. So this blog may turn into the teacher chronicles starting August 22nd....sorry for those of you who hated middle school the first time around and will not enjoy reliving it through this blog.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love That Honey Nut Taste


I had a little accident on my way to school today. Not a car accident, but an accident that happened in my car. I was doing the usual of trying to do like eight things at once and in my not-so-smartest move I decided to eat my beloved Honey Nut Cheerios in the car while I was driving. Now, I know it is stupid to eat and drive period, never mind to eat spill-able cereal but oh well I have done it like every day for the past four years so what's once more?

Well I pulled out from our street onto 500 North a little too fast and all of a sudden my just-poured bowl of Honey Nuts shot off the cup holder where they were balanced and were in between my seat and the console. And the spoon too. But momentum is pretty cool because they mostly all shot down in the Crack of Mordor, never to return again, pretty quick there. So I am pretty excited to go get in the car in like an hour and smell rotten milk and soggy Cherrios! I soaked up what I could with the Wendy's napkin in the glove compartment but I was late to class and alas, now breakfastless. I think if they dry up I could vacuum them out of the crack of doom? The good news is that there was also a Starburst and a toothpick that I spied while I was trying to pry the spoon back out so at least those will get taken care of.

Since the bloggy-blog has been a little negative lately (sorry about that!) I will say that the positive of this little snafu is that Dave proved once again that I can pretty much do anything stupid and he won't get mad. He even offered to clean them up for me later. And at least it was just Cheerios, and not like cheesy eggs or something. And at least it was not a real car accident or something. There is a silver lining to every mistake, I guess :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is So Boring

I had a funny experience today in one of my classes. This class is a Postmodern literature class. This class is a little out there and I won't go into the professor but let's just say she is definitely the "deep" type, and no matter what the book we are reading is about (usually war, death, rape, racism, or mental illness) she will find a way to make it as abstract as possible. Like if you write papers with words like "presence," "binaries," and "fragmentation" than it will be like the dream the Ralphie on "A Christmas Story" has when he writes his composition about the Red Ryder (not the one where the teacher is a witch, the A++++++ one). So we all try to make our papers as cerebral and full of Postmoderny terminology as possible.

So anyway, we were reading our papers out loud to each other in small groups which I have to say might be the most boring thing in the whole world. My eyes were glazed totally over and I was weighing the pros and cons of asking the girl across from me for a chug of her Diet Coke when I notice that the guy that is reading his paper aloud is smiling to himself, and then he keeps kind of giggling, and then all of a sudden he laughs out loud while he is reading his paper and he goes "I'm really sorry--but this is just SO boring!" Haha about his own paper! Maybe if you aren't an English person than that sounds stupid to you. But then my whole group started laughing and for just a moment we had this awesome brotherhood of understanding about the deep crap that we keep making up to appease our teacher week after week. So he finished his paper about finding wholeness in the fragmentation of the Talmud and we moved on. But for just a moment I was glad that I was not alone in this most obtuse of classes. I think knowing that makes it so I can last until April 20th.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My most hated chore

There are three things you can count on in life: death, taxes, and packing lunches. The nightly chore of getting my food ready for the next day might be my most dreaded thing each night...I don't really know why I hate it so much except it just comes every day! And I have been doing it for, oh, like ten years now and I think it will only get worse when I have kids. This doesn't really make sense because things like laundry and bathroom cleaning seem much more tedious, but I can't explain it....I just hate this job the worst. It's like reinventing the wheel every day and nothing ever sounds good and in order to bring my breakfast, lunch, and snacks (I am like a small child and will die without an afternoon snack and I often eat breakfast on campus too) I have to bring enough food to feed a small army:

Yes that little baggy is my "treat." Purple Skittles and a few dark chocolate Cadburry eggs...that is one element of my food stash that never gets left at home :)

I don't really know why I am whining about this except perhaps someday when my kids don't think I love them, they can read this and look at the lunch I packed them and know of the deep sacrifices I have made for their well-being. 

Oh, and I have learned that if I pack myself more food than I pack Dave (which has happened...I'm not proud) he will find out even if I try to disguise it. So giving him a few stale carrots and giving myself pretzels and peanut butter won't fly. Just a word to the wise if any of you wives try that.