Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Why yes, I did just run a 10k and then go to class without a shower

Ok, confession time. Ever since I came to college, I have had a dirty little secret called....I am often sweaty and ungroomed at school. It's true. For the first three years of my BYU experience, I was on the folk dance team and therefore I was dancing all day on MWF and sometimes on TTH too. That meant running up the death stairs from the RB to main campus in between dance classes, often wearing my dance clothes still (I would often change my shirt, and swab on a fresh coat of deo though...), hair in a damp ponytail and arrive in class panting and tired. I would pray that I did not smell too horrible. I probably did, who are we kidding. Then I would dash back to the RB, dance dance dance, and run off to another class. There would also usually be a squashed PB&J wolfing in there somewhere. It was tiring, to say the least.

You would think that now that I am not dancing anymore, my habits would have improved. NOT true, sadly. You see, I used to be really good about getting up at the crack of dawn (like 5-6 am) and getting my workout and shower in before class on days when I didn't dance (so, basically like once a week). I would feel so great on "cute days" when I could wear non-dance clothes to school. However, now that I am married and I have a boy to cuddle with, waking up has become the hardest thing in the world. I CANNOT GET OUT OF BED. This morning was an all time low. Dave kept muttering that I better get up, and I kept justifying one more snooze button, until I had left myself 20 minutes to get ready. Hah! So, needless to say the hair did not get washed this morning.

That was bad enough. The slightly greasy pony/headband combo works for about 2 hours until it gets really disgusting (all of you who can go a few days without a wash...I loathe you). I still needed to get my workout in since I refused to wake up this morning, and I am slightly obsessed with exercise. One, I really like food, and since I stopped dancing I really need to have a physical outlet. I have gotten more into running, and I really want to run a half marathon this summer. I started a goal this year to run 1,000 miles by December 31st. I have to run 20 miles a week to do it, and so far I have done really well. It is great to have a number I am going for because it pushes me to work harder. I usually let myself have a day or two of just cross-training (like stair-climbing or the elliptical) but that means I have to kick it up a notch on my running days. I sound hard-core here...I'm not. Ask me about my time, you will laugh.

Anyway, I wanted to run today, but I didn't want to go after school because that is homework/Dave time. And I like our cozy apartment and Parks and Rec re-runs at night. So that meant in-between classes was my only option.....and I took it. I ran a 10k on the treadmill at the BYU gym, changed back into my work clothes, put my even nastier hair in a sweaty messy bun (praying that people thought it was gel...) and hauled my buns back up to the Museum of Art where my class was meeting today. I sat next to a preggo girl and prayed that I didn't stink because I have heard that pregnant women have a lower threshold for any odor whatsoever.


*I did shower when I got home. I feel fresh and clean now, and look what I found on the table when I asked Dave to slice me an apple with my lunch:

haha he hadn't even seen my post from yesterday, he just did it again. And yes, that is a Starburst in the middle...don't you love Starbursts and Peanut Butter? jk, they are just my latest candy obsession, and he knows that no meal is complete for me without a sweet treat after. I ate two more of those and some chocolate as well...but I just ran 6.2 miles. Lay off.


  1. When I used to be an avid runner (HUGE emphasis on 'used to') my favorite part was eating as much junk as I wanted, knowing that I was going to/had run 5+ miles that day. I would never begrudge you your starbursts :)

  2. Hahaha amen sister. I still don't shower :) And I now feel validated in my argument that when I got married, I too, became the worst "waker-upper". It's definitely much harder when you have a boy to cuddle with. Before married life- I jumped right out of bed at the alarm. Now- I'm terrible. I try to snooze it before Jon hears so he'll stay in bed, too :)