Monday, February 28, 2011


No, I am not talking about the hit cable television show, (although I could since my mom and I had nice conversation about it last night...apparently they have Animal Hoarders now. Think thousands of mice. ugh) but rather about me and Dave when it comes to free J-Dawgs.

Let me back up. This weekend started with us going to the BYU/SDSU Men's Volleyball game on Friday. We hadn't been to a sporting event together since like last April, so it was really fun. One of our first dates was to a BYU basketball game where it was boiling hot. Dave was so cute and made a fan out of the program and fanned me like the whole time. I knew then that I loved him. Well maybe not that soon since it had only been three dates, but I knew that there was potential there.

Anyway, it was fun and we met up with some friends who were kind enough to take this lovely pic:

I promise I had makeup on. Oops.

Then we made a pit stop for milk...our neighbor saw us walking in with the bag from Macey's and he was like "yep, that's what married Friday nights are like!" True, but not a bad thing! I personally love milk and the grocery store.

Viva la Leche

I can't really remember what happened after that. Probably 30 Rock and early bed time if I was lucky.

Saturday we got up early and went to pick up the our Bountiful Basket. I HIGHLY recommend trying this program. I have talked about it before, I know, but if you like produce it is totally worth it. I feel like it is worth the 15 bucks because I replace food I would normally eat with produce and it is a wicked cheap deal. We got some funny things this time...a coconut and these funny little tiny and kind of fancy-looking pears. I can't wait till they are ripe! And also, does anyone have any ideas of what to do with a coconut besides enjoying the novelty of drinking the milk?

I went on a run and arranged for Dave to pick me up and then take me with him to the church for this stake preparedness activity. Enter the hoarding. As Dave put it, we were looking ahead and preparing for the worst...a pork shortage. You see, this activity advertised J-Dawgs. Yes, please. So we showed up, talked to some people, learned to make a 72 hour kit, and then got our delish hunk of meat in a bun. Then, we noticed the hoarders...people were like loading 10 on their plates as the activity was ending. One lady seriously had plates of six each. So, naturally, we couldn't let them go to waste...we each got another. Ooops. I want another one just sitting here now.

Bless stake activities and their free handouts. Considering the hoarding that we observed, I didn't feel the least bit bad.

After that we went to the temple. It was a little crowded since it was Saturday, but that's ok. I think that going to the temple with Dave is the happiest feeling I ever feel :)

There was a really cute Chinese lady there who was, once again, very confused about my last name...She double-took and then asked me if it was, in fact, my name since she thought it was Japanese. I wanted to say "yes. I am Japanese" but I figured it wouldn't be nice and she was so cute. I like that this is becoming a theme in my life.

My cute little hubsie. There was no one to take a cute temple pic for us so you get this car picture of him instead.

And a cold one of me:

The evening ended with Brookies, which I would rate as a waste of prime cookie/brownie material. The recipe says to combine the two, but the result it a crusty cookie top on a brownie. The only perk was that I got to lick both kinds of spoons. However, I hope that the girls that I visit teach didn't notice....

Happy Half-way through the semester!!!!

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