Thursday, February 17, 2011

Blogging, Running, Food Obsessions

So, lately I have been really excited about three things: blogs, running, and food.

Now, back in my crazy high school days, I definitely worked out solely to be skinny. I still care about how I look, what girl doesn't, but what I really, truly love about feeling fit is the confidence and balance that I feel from it. I love feeling like I am taking good care of my body, and I love the rush of endorphins that I always get from exercise. I just feel so GOOD! And I think I work harder and do better in every aspect of my life when I do it. Which is every day....ask Dave, I am slightly neurotic.

Like I mentioned before, I am so excited to run my first half marathon this year! I figured it was time to actually set some goals, and let me tell you, it has made exercise even more rewarding. When I push myself harder than I even have and see myself improve, I could care less about my weight...I just love seeing what my body can do. Not that I am good by any means, people would balk at how long it takes me to run 7 miles. My grandma could probably walk that fast, but I do have a pretty nimble grandma.

As I have started blogging more, I have looked at a lot of fitness and health blogs, and I have to say they really bum me out sometimes. Some of them are SO uptight: they're like "oh, I wanted to eat something sweet so i ate a banana and some splenda and some skim milk all blended up and I haven't craved sugar in a month!" It makes me so disheartened. Aren't we supposed to enjoy our bodies? What is the point of pushing yourself all the time if you can't relax too? I don't know, I just really like enjoying a brownie after I have run my bum off for an hour, is that such a crime? Is nothing right in the world?!

That being said, there are some really good blogs out there that talk about a joint obsession with food and fitness, and I have become an avid stalker. It is great to have a new time-wasting activity to start the new year off right. One of my favorites is hungryrunnergirl. She is so stinking fast and hardcore, but she is really honest about the fact that she loves ice cream, candy, and Cafe Rio. She is realistic though, and admits that she tries to be really healthy at the same time (she pounds veggies) so it isn't like her amazing abilities just come naturally. She is also really honest about her concerns about feeling kind of addicted to working out, and her past struggles with weight obsession. I really like how down-to-earth she is, and she lives in Provo! I check in at least 5 times daily.

I love baking so much lately. I keep wanting to get invited to things so I have an excuse to make something to bring...hint, hint people. Or, maybe I could try inviting people over, what a thought. Lately I have made a lot of banana bread and of course, cookies, and last weekend I made cream cheese brownies. I am mediocre though, at best. Does anyone else feel like they stink at everything they like to do? I wish I liked touching my toes and flossing every night and remembering to pack a lunch every day as much as I like baking because those are three things I have down.

Valentine's though=so much candy! You already read Dave's cute post about our awesome first married Valentine's but I will say that I have been basking in an excess of chocolate ever since. I am in a heaven of Dove.

We are going to my friend Camrie's wedding reception tonight...I hear there will be a waffle bar. Am I excited? Yes.

P.S. does anyone else get freaked/grossed out when you have to use a bathroom faucet to fill up your water bottle? I always try to avoid it but sometimes you have no other option and then I feel like I am drinking dirty water. I mean, I know they don't channel the toilet water through there but still...and if someone catches you doing it, it is awkward for some reason.

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