Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend, Heavenly Weekend

As I mentioned before, Dave and I whole-heartedly adore the weekend. It's Sunday night and I am already plotting next weekend. That may be because it is a three-dayer and this week is going to be beastly, but whatever the circumstances I always just love them. Here are some highlights from this weekend's adventures:

I placed these flowers I got for free at work in a lovely pitcher that we got as a late wedding gift Friday.

We went to Costco and ate every sample we could find. Highlights include trailmix cookies, tortellini, and the sausage tent. When I am rich I will go to Costco and buy everything I want. I can't wait.

We hit up the Hot&Ready. We LOVE $5 pizzas. And $1 Crazy Bread with student ID. I minimized this image so that you can't see my fat face as well...I told Dave that I think I have lost weight on my body and gained it to my face because for some reason it has been obese lately but I haven't gained any net pounds. Maybe my cheeks were swelling in anticipation of shoving them full of pizza.

Friday night we had about an hour and a half apart as I went and hung out with some girlfriends from folk dance, and he went over to his old apartment while I was gone. I think it is fun to be apart for a little while but I was glad to get him back after not too long :)

Saturday dawned with a start as we had to wake up and be at the Orem Habitat for Humanity center at 7 am. We signed up to try Bountiful Baskets, this produce co-op, and we had to be there by 7:20 or they give your stuff away. Dave was such a gem for going along with my scheme to get cheap produce. It's only $15 dollars and we got a basket of fruits and veggies: apples, bananas, mineolas (like oranges but better! I love them), strawberries (in February? I was so excited), a canteloupe, lettuce, spinach, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, and carrots. Definitely a steal, and I got to feel all green and cool for participating in a co-op which supports small farms. And really I just love produce and cheap things. Here is me being excited about that:

I also loved having something that made me get up at 7 am because I was awake and ready to do stuff when I got home. I felt on the ball without actually having to be too on the ball.

Dave's friend James called and told him that they had an extra ticket to the BYU/Utah B-ball game that afternoon if he wanted to come. We tried to find another one, but of course those are hard to come by, so I told Dave to go since I had a lot of homework. I thought I deserved good wife points for that one....and it was kind of fun since I had the apartment to myself and I watched Keeping Up with the Kardashians for two hours while I did other stuff. No 24 when I am in charge! I was also able to do a little Valentine's Day shopping while he was gone, but I had to come up with a way to hide it in the fridge:

Sadly, I think he noticed it the second he opened the refrigerator.

We then made a delicious dinner and went over to our friends the Thompson's house to chat and have treats. I was so proud of Davey-Poo and I this weekend because we were social every night!

When we returned home, I was reminded of the fact that I married a stubborn mule. If you met Dave, you would be shocked to find out that he is the most stubborn boy alive. He is pretty quiet and soft-spoken at first, and he always puts others needs in front of his own. He rarely is super opinionated about things, but when he chooses to be, he will not bend. I first learned this when we were dating and he got a bad cold. It got worse and worse until he lost his voice completely. He REFUSED to go to the Health Center, even though one night we had to leave the library because he couldn't stop coughing, and it was so bad he couldn't even talk to say goodnight when we got home. He had insisted that it was nothing, and that he didn't want to waste the $20 dollars that a trip to the doctor would cost, so it wasn't until he lost the ability to taste ( and enjoy his precious food) that he let his dad write him a prescription for an antibiotic. So I guess in the end he won, because he didn't actually go to the doctor, he just reaped the benefits of his father's MD.

Anyways, I have taken up trying to out-stubborn Dave. I almost always lose, because backbone is apparently not one of my strengths, and I usually get bored because it is more fun to agree than to be in a stand-off. It is always over really dumb things, like when Dave told me I looked like a guy with my hair parted down the middle and I got mad and pretended to not be speaking to him but then he wouldn't talk to me and I got bored so I said never mind. Last night though, I decided that it was my time for victory. As we were walking in to our apartment, Dave said something about taking AP tests and I said some sassy comment about doing better than he. He ran inside and locked me out (just jokingly...Dave is nothing if not a nice boy) so I decided to scare him by hiding around the corner. This was so dumb. About 5 second later I heard him open the door, and call for me, but I wouldn't respond because I wanted him to come around the corner so I could freak him out, but he DID NOT COME! I was so offended that I could be kidnapped or something and my husband would just be inside enjoying the warmth and security of our home! He just said "fine, have it your way", and closed the door. About a minute later he opened it again and just whistled for me (I respond like a dog), but I refused. I was going to win this time, and what had started as me trying to startle him had turned into a test of his true love for me. I then started to ponder what our neighbors would think if they walked be and just saw me chilling in the bushes, but luckily no one came by. I started to think that maybe I would have to spend the night there when finally I heard Dave come down the stairs and I popped out but my victory was shadowed by the disheartening fact that he waited so long to come search for me:

mad face

He insisted that he wouldn't have let me get taken away, but I still hold a grudge. I think I am better at holding grudges than he is so at least I win at that vice.

We also took pics of each other sleeping:

Girl feet?

Overall it was a lovely weekend! Ugh, I guess it's Monday first married Valentine's is officially under way.

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