Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sometimes I Zone Out in Class

Today I had pie. Of the humble variety. Mmmm, my favorite flavor.

Just yesterday, I was bragging to Dave about how I rocked my presentation in my New Deal Literature class (yes there is such a thing, and it might be my favorite class. Nerd alert)

"I totally ruled it. I was the best one in my group and everyone else totally was boring but I saved it and I made a brilliant connection between FDR and the Wizard of Oz, I was so good at improvising up there blah, blah, blah" was basically how it went. Yes, I figured that it's ok to brag to your spouse, right? Dave always brags to me when he is the cutest boy at church. (no, I just brag about that to the little Claire in my head who validates me)

Anyway, I was sitting in my Teaching Students with Disabilities class tonight, totally zoned out. In my defense, I had just run 7 miles, it was 6pm and I was starving, and we had a sub but our normal teacher usually brings candy to perk everyone up but there was NO candy tonight (my first thought upon seeing the sub was hoping that Professor Lackock had told her to bring some but no dice) so my blood sugar was horribly lacking.

Anyway, our sub, a very nice yet Stepford-ish woman asked a question and in my subconscious yet always teacher's petish way, I nodded. I was actually nodding to myself about how excited I was to watch Glee when I got home that night, but she said "Oh, Claire (she knew my name because she made us make name tags. ONLY in an education class, I tell you) can you explain what that means?

She actually asked me or my friend Anne to explain it, and Anne made me do it. I would have been mad but she is prego and no one can be mad at a pregnant lady.

I had no idea what she had even said. It was horrible. Then when I figured it out, I made something up that had absolutely nothing at all to do with the real answer (bummer, because usually "give individual attention", or "accommodate for cultural differences" works in these classes) but alas, it was incorrect. She was a champ teacher though, and did not highlight my incorrectness, but moved on kindly. Boo.

In other news, here is a pic of my fancy nameplate at work. Melissa Smith if you are reading this you can laugh at how dorky I am:

I think it is cool because this is the only place that I am officially Claire Mizukawa. Even on Facebook they won't let me change my name for some reason. At BYU I am still officially Claire Hopkin but I love my Teaching Composition teacher because she is super nice and changed it on the roster ever-so-subtly probably just to feed my newly-married girl infatuation with my new name. Shout out to Dr. Dean for being my favorite professor this semester.

Funniest moment with that name tag: Some guy comes in to talk to one of the ladies I work with and I keep catching him stare at me out of the corner of his eye. Finally he whispers to her in the loudest whisper ever, "She doesn't look Japanese".

You don't say.


  1. Claire,

    1) Of course I am reading this. I am probably your most devoted stalker.

    2) I am also in love with my name plate :)

    3) I love people that have no idea how to whisper. Always.

  2. Why Mrs. Claire, I do declare that is one mighty fine nameplate you've got there! :)
    hehehe "she doesn't look Japanese" that made me laugh (out loud ;) I get some interesting looks with Salazar too. I tend to lean more towards the whiter-than-white-girl category rather than "ethnic" looking.
    Love reading your blog. Keep it up :)