Monday, February 21, 2011

Why I love Our Founding Fathers

Ahhhh, the last day off that Brigham Young allows us until April, almost over. It was the best weekend ever. I am so depressed.

This weekend we were lucky enough to be able to go down to St. George and stay at Dave's house. His parents were only going to be there on Friday night because they were flying to Ohio to attend his niece's baptism so we had their amazingly gorgeous house all to ourselves. We kept wondering when we will ever have a house like this with no one else in it, and the answer was definitely never. It was weird because whenever we stay at his house it is for a family event or something and so the place is bursting at the seams. We would have slept in a different bed every night, and showered in a different shower every day, but there were too many beds, and I didn't want to wash all of those sheets, and there were too many showers for us to even achieve that. Yep, it was that awesome.

Anyway, I will stop bragging about how cool my in-laws house is, and brag about the sweet food we made. Dave's words when he opened the fridge: "someday, I dream that our fridge will look like this". Parents have the best food.

Lovely pic of Davito. He made some delish and sausage-laden breakfast burritos. Awesome.

My mother-in-law left the batter for this amazing cake (I know, that was so nice) and it was the best cake I think I have ever eaten.

Dave made this too. I know what you are thinking: "Does that Claire girl know how to cook?" Answer--just cookies.

We love food. It was so fun just hanging out, and that was most of what we did, since the weather stunk and our plans for adventure were thwarted. We did run, since Dave was a sweet pea and set up their treadmill for me without being asked. What a peach. We did however, roll out of our own filth to emerge from the house at 6 pm, showers lacking, and enjoy a short bike ride. It was short because it got dark, and we were ill-prepared for the cold.

I was actually well-prepared thanks to my double-hoodie action. It doubled as a helmet, since I asked for one and Dave laughed like it was a joke. I was confused...Barney taught me safety first, I don't know how you were raised David. Probably not by the T.V. apparently.


This is a rock that Dave placed in this mosaic in 1997. I thought it was dear.

I failed at taking any pictures on Sunday, even though it was a way super fun day. We got up at the crack of 6:30 to drive down to Vegas for the baby blessing of Dave's cousin's little girl Miya. It was really fun, partly because I had never been to Vegas, and even though I really only saw billboards, I was excited. And I know that I should call Edward Steinberg if I need an injury attorney in Vegas. Miya is adorable and I had the luck to be at the end of the pew in church, so I got to hold her longer than anyone else since she got passed down and then I captured her for the rest of the time. Our cousin-in-law Tyler told Dave to get me a puppy so that I don't want a baby. Too late. I was in baby heaven and I think a rumor is started in the family that we are trying to get pregnant now, since Dave's aunt asked me after church if it was true that I wanted a baby....

Dave made a funny joke in church about "Three White Ponchos" (like that cheesy white dresses poem). You kind of had to be there to get it...but I embarrassed myself in Henderson, NV with my immaturity in church because of laughter.

We then went over to his Uncle's house for food and several rounds of pool, where I found out that all of my new family stinks at pool almost as much as I do.

Today we woke up and took our sweet time leaving the house. While we were packing up, I realized that this was what I married...check out the ankles. He had apparently been wearing them for hours, waiting for me to notice and toning his already hot calves, obviously.

We are now the proud owners of two pilfered ankle weights. In Dave's words "these will provide hours of entertainment"

Please ignore Dave's unfixed hair and my double lazy's a condition people

We also finally started The Hunger Games...woot woot! We were needing to get another book since finishing The Deathly Hallows before our wedding. It was a simple weekend, but seriously it was so fun! I loved being with Davey-poo 24/7 and I kept asking him if he was sick of me yet. I also re-discovered what a sweet and loving husband he is...he never made me drive, cooked for me, vacuumed the house before we left, and set up the treadmill so I could run as much as I wanted, washed and vacuumed our car, and didn't get mad when I was super grouchy in the morning on Sunday. He basically let me call the shots all weekend. I just love him.

So...onward to the last half of the semester! Thanks Abe for the day of rest! In honor of your day we discussed how popular opinion held you as an ugly man but we defended your looks I promise!

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