Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Hairy Situation

Hello world! We figured (we=Claire) that we are now eligible for a couples blog! How very exciting. I figured it would be best to just jump right in, seeing as I have been awful at journal writing since I got engaged (which seems weird since it is rather an important phase, no?), and this will be a great journaling alternative.

So, Dave and I understandably love saving money. We have been known to do awkward and extreme things to get free stuff. This includes but is not limited to excessive five-dollar pizzas (Pizza Pie Cafe Express is our new favorite. The Hot and Ready is always good though), pretending to be someone else at Tucanos because we get their free birthday meal cards in the mail after they move, and signing up for every free thing online that we can (space your "birthday" throughout the year. Then you aren't inundated with free frozen yogurts and burgers in your true birthday month).

I decided after we got married that paying $30 for a haircut for me every two months, and six bucks for Dave every two or three weeks (the boy is a hair machine. I'm not complaining though.) was money that we could save if we put our vanity aside and learned to cut each other's hair! Cute bonding experience, right? I can just think of better things to spend that money $5 pizzas, for example!

My first try on Dave did not go as smoothly as I had hoped. The only experience I had cutting boy hair was my dad, but he just puts the clippers on the lowest setting and we just buzz away. He let Tess do it when she was like 7. So no pressure there. Dave's hair, however, is super thick, wiry, and dark and shiny, so it shows everything. He is also a perfectionist, and though very forgiving of his wifey, I knew he would be particular about his haircuts. So, about an hour and a half later, a few breakdowns from me for ruining my hubsie, and Dave having to convince me that he still loved me, the kind of lopsided haircut was complete. After I recovered I rose like a phoenix from the ashes, though, ready to try again, notes from last time filed in my mind.

The second time went WAY better! I still have improvements to make, but I did NOT cry this time, and Dave said he could just feel the confidence exuding from my flying fingertips. We put 30 rock on his laptop while I cut, which I think helped too. We also devised a great outfit for him to wear to make clean-up smoother. I thought he looked

Here he is almost done...the mushroom effect is the hardest part to battle:

notice the hair all over...haha it's so hard to contain

Then, Dave did mine! I just needed the ends trimmed so it wouldn't be all disgusting and tangly when I blowdry it every morning. He did very well, thanks to my coaching based on the youtube video "how to cut women's hair." Taught me everything I need to know in 4 minutes and 15 seconds. And my white girl hair is significantly easier to cut than his--about half as thick and much finer. The only mistake was mine, when I accidentally cut a hunk out of the front when I was trying to layer. I always think I know what I am doing in dyi situations. Here is the aftermath:

not the best pic. And my bangs are struggling a little. Give them a day to adjust, and they'll be great, I promise.

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  1. hahah, Kristin learned to cut my hair too! You should ask her about the first few times. It was awesome... ;-). Dave is brave. I don't know if I could cut Kristin's hair.