Sunday, June 5, 2011

Where to start?...

It has been SO long since I was being a good little blogger. Ugh. I keep wanting to blog but I have that feeling like when you want to tackle something big but you can't seem to get the gumption up to get into it. That is the same feeling that is the reason that I am still waking up in the night plagued by the thank-yous still left to write from our wedding....don't tell my mom, mother-in-law, or any other polite woman in my life that would be horrified by that (I only have like one more page of names left...I promise!)

Anyway, I will start with Memorial Day weekend which was SO FUN! I just love going on little trips with Dave. Even if they are just to St. George. I love going to new places with him and St. George still has enough things that I haven't done to make it exciting and new. It was the first time we had been able to leave Provo for like three months so it felt great.

We left on Friday and ate some delish Mexican food with his parents once we got there. It was kind of funny because I had just barely finished saying that, although I like Mexican food, I never really notice if one place is a lot better than another, when we went here and it was WAY better than I had had other places in my recent memory, so I guess I was wrong. Then we went to his parents' house and watched "Inception" which Dave had brought, mostly for his Dad, and I promptly fell asleep. Which also happened when we saw it in the theater. Hey, it is about dreams so I am just experiencing the movie to its fullest.

The next day we woke up, I went for a run (so nice to run in such sunny weather!) and then set out for out little adventure to Zion National Park. I had never been and it is only like an hour away so it is the perfect outing. We kind of didn't factor in that it would be wicked crowded what with it being a holiday weekend, but I didn't really care (Dave hates crowds a traffic way more than I do, oddly, considering he is so patient usually). We were slightly bummed at the 12-buck a person entrance fee though! What the crap??? $12 to hike around nature which is free to provide??? We pay taxes, I thought that was our entrance fee to a national park. Whatevs, we were already there and it is a gorgeous place. I seriously loved it and next time we go back we want to just drive in and pack our car full of people because I think it's like $25 a car so that would make more sense.

We took the little park tram to Angel's Landing, which was the hike we were planning on, but as we neared, the little bus commentator was like "please don't attempt this rigorous hike if you are afraid of heights. Deaths have occurred...blah, blah, blah...." All of the old people tourists around us were like "oh no, I would never do that, etc" so I was getting a little nervous. But Dave assured me it was nothing that scary so we did it anyway. I am SO GLAD we did. It was amazingly pretty and a really fun hike. And people took their babies so it couldn't be that bad...actually I would never take a child under 12...but that's just Grandma Claire talking. I tend to judge people for doing dumb things with their kids, admittedly.

We didn't go to the very tippy-top because I got kind of freaked out by the hoards of people all scrambling up to this peak using one single little chain and the gusts of wind, but on a less crowded and windy day I think I could of handled it.

Here are some of the sweet pics that Dave got (he coerced his Dad into letting him take his nice camera):

Not sure why this one is so tiny...just as well, because I am squatting awkwardly in a cave.

Pretty, huh? It was a fun little day trip and I hope we can go back again this summer maybe.

That night we went to a tasty Greek place with the rents-in-law and then to the Pirates of the Caribbean movie. This is what was in the lobby when we came out:

 There was a SUPER creepy panda there promoting the new Kung-Foo Pand movie, and even though I usually hate things in dress-up anyway, this one was especially weird and random because it wasn't like talking to anyone, just standing there. I am sure it couldn't tell I was taking a picture of it because I stopped, pointed, then posed Dave not-so-covertly to its left.

I didn't really take pictures Sunday. It was a nice day and we ate a delicious steak dinner and then went with Dave's parents to visit some of their friends (they are really nice about keeping up old friendships which I think is a really nice quality) and played games all night. They introduced me to Corn Hole, which I had never heard of. Its like bean bags, and I was terrible at it, not surprisingly.

 Monday, Memorial Day, we went on a little bike ride. I know this is a super good picture. I used my agency and chose stupidly not to wear sunscreen and have consequently looked lobster-ish all week. Dave felt bad for not reminding me: "it's just that, I never wear it because I don't need it with my skin". Curse you boy, and your tan skin too!

I have never had my wisdom teeth out, and with Dave's dad being an oral surgeon, I married wisely. Dave wanted to take an x-ray of my mouth and see if my claims to only have two wisdom teeth were correct. They were. His dad said "they could be easier to get out". Yikes. Why do I even have to have them out? Can't they just fester in there happily forever?

 This is Dave looking cool and pointing something out about my teeth. I don't know if you can see the little dainty cup of goldfish in his other hand. I came to conclusion that my teeth look really creepy when x-rayed. Dave also gave me a thorough scolding for trying to talk while he did the x-ray, which I pouted about for a while but I got over it when I discovered a candy cupboard in their office.

 Dave's parents wanted to take flowers to the graves of some men they know who were in the military and have since passed away, which I thought was so sweet of them. We helped by holding the flowers. I kind of love visiting parents because you don't have to be in charge, you just kind of sit in the back seat and follow them around in the grocery store, etc.

I wasn't really sure what the protocol is for graveyard pictures, so that is why these turned out really poorly.

Then we went home, ate salmon, and drove back to was a great weekend! So relaxing, sunny, and filled with food.

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  1. What the heck?! I was just at the Mauger's house, and Stuart was totally building a cornhole set! Hahaha I had never even heard of that, except on Arrested Development.