Friday, May 27, 2011

An Ode to the Messy Bun

My mom has this horrible nightshirt that we call "Old Drab." We always laugh when she wears it because it is like her fall-back clothing item when she is stressed or tired at the end of the day. I wish I had a picture of her in it, but even if I did, she would kill me if I posted it. Suffice it to say, it's blue, stretched out, and I think from Eddie Bauer's fall 1992 collection. I remember wearing it as a little girl when I was sick a few times...

I don't think I have an "old drab" per se, but rather an equivalent hairdo that has gotten me through the thick and thin of life. If there is ever a time that I am at my most relaxed and comfortable, you are sure to find me with it. If I am tired or woke up late, it will make an appearance. Since middle school, back when it was actually stylish for some unknown reason, I have always loved rocking a messy bun, not so much for fashion, but for convenience. So much, that I feel it may warrant a tribute poem:

Mouse, hairspray and flat-irons
can't hold their own with you
although you're not the fanciest,
you've proven tried and true

Oh messy bun, you've saved me
on many an occasion
when me, my alarm has not awoken
nor has my favorite Asian

Twenty minutes to get to school
with dirty hair, to boot
Just throw that greasy hair in a bun
(though you won't look that cute)

On days when you feel tired
matched with frumpy attire
a messy bun will be your friend
its ease you will desire

Through dance classes and tennis games
you've stood the test of motion
and although my mother hates you
I harbor no such emotion

I thank you for your service
on many a homework-y night
when stretchy pants and your knobby presence
have always felt so right.

And now, a photo tribute as well:

 MB in a walker. Makes perfect sense...

 My dear MB in the great outdoors.

MB made a big splash in Scotland (I'm clicking coconuts at the Monty Python castle, PS)

MB can most often be spotted with pajamas, and I highly recommend it for Christmas morning as well.

There you have it folks. A salute to my favorite frumpalicious hair-do. I hope you'll all take a moment to stop and say a simple "thanks" to the messy bun in your life.

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  1. The occasion/Asian rhyme had me in tears {practically....I'm actually at work right now, and tears wouldn't be very professional, but I thought about it.}

    I can totally tell you're an English major :)