Thursday, June 23, 2011

Provo by Foot

One of my favorite things about running/going on walks is that you get to see parts of town and notice little things that you wouldn't normally notice in a car. I really like to take walks through neighborhoods and look at the little houses around the south part of campus...they are so old and they are all different! I love that. I love the suburbs and all (and I will probably end up living there, let's be honest) but I like that old houses have so much character. I also like looking at fancy houses and seeing their grandeur as well, though. This is one area that Dave and I differ, though, because he doesn't really like going on walks that much, unless there is a purpose or destination. Which is why I think I may need a tiny accessory dog, so I am not aimlessly strolling through town by myself like a crazy.

Anyway, since my running obsession has taken over I have been privy to some pretty sights, such as the view that I discovered last week upon discovering a new part of a trail that I had never before run on:

Ok, Alaska will always be the most beautiful state but I guess Utah is a little bit pretty too...

Along the same path I also found this somewhat abandoned-looking water fountain but it was streaming a continuous flow a water and it had the prestigious stamp of the honorable city of Orem on it so I took a swig. I told Dave that if I developed any of the signs of Dysentary or the Cholera that he must rush me to the hospital but I am still fine and I saw many other trail users drinking from it too (the water fountain that was really sketchy was the one that I found later that had straight-up flowers growing out of it, and a very low stream causing a drinker to have to nestle their face quite close to the flower to get a drink. It did give me the feeling that I was drinking from a mountain meadow stream, though.)

Aside from the beauty, sometimes I find funny things, like the house on 9th East that is completely sunken into the ground. I am really sad that I never got a picture of it, because it was so weird and right under my nose but I had never noticed it until last year. Sadly, they just tore it out last month, so its memory will have to suffice.

Above is a failed attempt to quickly snap a shot of this house that had a bathtub in their front yard, completely full of weeds (though someone must have put dirt and water and somehow nurtured those weeds) that had a sign on it that said "Welcome World!". It was totally wedged behind this trampoline though, so I am not sure if it was an ironic statement against friendliness or if it was just neglected.

Has anyone seen the Parks and Rec episode where she talks about the murals in city hall (the ones that depict scenes of Pawnee history such as the slaughtering of the Indians)? Well, it's very funny and I suggest you watch it and then go check out Provo's own murals that look EXACTLY like the ones on the show (except I think they are just of happy pioneers, no death). They are on Center Street and Dave and I laughed so hard when we discovered them. I really think maybe they are by the same artist.

I also saw my first snake ever on my run yesterday. Even though it was just little and green and it slithered away it was scary and I jumped and maybe yelped a little and then I was jumpy for the rest of the trail. This roller-blader almost caused my heart to stop when she swooshed by me right afterwards and I was still in snake mode (speaking of roller-bladers though, just because it is an activity that started in the 90's, must all who participate in it still dress like they live in that era? Seriously, they all either have plaid, cut-offs, or in the case of one girl, I think just little spankies like I used to wear under my dance costumes). 

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