Monday, June 20, 2011

Six Months Down...

If I was cute I would finish that title off with "....Eternity to Go!" and make a Facebook album of it, but I decided against that. Rightfully, I hope.

Today is me and Dave's six-month wedding anniversary! It really has flown by. So far we have endured a Winter semester and a Spring term together, and I am happy to say that the grades of both parties seem to like marriage very much...they say it is good for the health, the bank account, and apparently the GPA too. Probably because instead of starting our homework at midnight, we now are usually asleep by that time. Or if you're me, you have fallen asleep on the couch long before that.

Today is a Monday and the first day of Summer term for Dave, so nothing too crazy will be going on for our little anniversary celebration. In fact, I have already given him my gift: this morning, upon stumbling into the kitchen, I was hit by a wall of stench and an unpleasant moist sensation on my bare feet. I looked down and discovered that the garbage bag that was on the floor had leaked in the night, causing the delicious scents of watermelon juice and barbecued chicken to meld together into one tepid soup. On my feet. And all over the floor. I didn't know whether to suppress my gag reflex or my anger at Dave for not taking out said garbage last night when I ever-so-kindly asked him to, but I decided that if I cleaned this up and didn't get mad it would get me wife points in heaven so I did...gagging all the while...and that is why my hair is not fixed today (due to time restraints...but really it probably didn't have much going for it anyway), and I will never eat watermelon or chicken again. So six months of marriage sweetie! You weren't even awake to see your present in action, sorry. 

Since I seem to be on a list kick as of late, here is another in honor of my beloved husband. Someone asked us about a month after getting married what had surprised us about each other after we got married, and nothing really stood out--I think we knew each other pretty well before we got married. But a few things have surfaced, so:

Six Things (one for each month)I Didn't Know About David Kintaro Mizukawa Before Marrying Him

1. He is really, really good at cleaning George Foreman grills. I don't even try to do it as there would just be chunks of chicken skin everywhere.

2. The first thing he does when he wakes up in the morning is apologize for something or other. For what, I am not sure as he has never really done anything worth apologizing for from the hours of 12-8 am. Some people are cranky or quiet in the morning, but Dave mostly has an attitude of apology for some reason.

3. He loves the movie "Father of the Bride". I never knew. Upon discovering this, a Netflix Instant Play viewing quickly ensued. 

4. He MUST Google things right then if there is any question or argument. Last night we watched Harry Potter and he had to go get up in the middle of it, and see if the Sword of Gryfindor was really found at the bottom of the frozen pond or in a stump (I won't tell you who was right...but her name rhymes with "hair").

5. He is really on top of the mail-getting situation, which is good, since I never remember.

6. He is willing to forgive me about anything the second it is over. Like, I think the longest fight we have ever been in lasted about three minutes and he was over it the second I was. This is a good quality I have found. 

Ok, either we are really boring or I just knew everything important before we got married. I like to think it's the latter. But either way, I am happy that there haven't been any shocking revelations upon marriage, such as he is a werewolf, or I am actually a brunette or anything like that (not that being a brunette is bad. I just would have been living a lie, that's all). 

I also am happy to say that if the first six months are any indication, the first year of marriage is not really the hardest...or if it is, we are going to have one smooth life. This is probably due to the fact that I have the sweetest and most patient husband ever, who is always willing to overlook my multitude of issues. So, here's to hoping the next six months are as great as these have been! (also, if anyone wants to give me ideas of free gifts that aren't just cleaning sludge off the kitchen floor, email me pronto. Ones made out of office supplies would be great).

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