Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Night Dave Almost Went to the Slammer

O.M.Gosh really fun weekend and lots o' pics to share, but I just have time for a quick post right now so I will share tonight's escapades. We decided that it would be fun to have some of Dave's friends (and their cute significant others) over for dessert and games and so we had James and Jen and Evan and Lizzie come over...I couldn't believe we had lived here for 6 months almost (in a week!:) and they had never been over. Apparently we are terrible entertainers.

Anyway, I decided it was the perfect excuse to make THESE treats which I have been wanting to make forever, but I kinda couldn't justify a) buying special ingredients like Marshmallow Creme and b) eating ingredients like Marshmallow Creme just for the fun of it. But, having friends is the perfect excuse to make something delicious and decadent like s'more bars! I had kind of been on a s'more kick lately and had bought a carton of s'more flavored ice cream at the store last week, so I was so excited to try these too and I think they were pretty amazingly delish if I do say so myself...and actually really easy for how tasty they were. I highly recommend them. You basically just make a cookie dough (with a bunch of smashed up graham was a really tasty dough!) and layer Hershey's bars and marshmallow fluff in the middle and then put dough on top too. mmm, mmm good. Lizzie brought some tasty muffins too so we were in a good place treat-wise.

We were in the middle of a rousing round of Nerts when we got a knock on the door. I HATE answering the door (is that weird? Dave thinks it is weird. I was just raised to believe that you don't have to answer the phone or door if you don't want to... isn't that what America is all about?) but whoever was there had certainly heard people inside and the blinds were open a titch too. So Dave goes to get it and it is a cop! I was so scared. Which I don't understand because if you haven't committed a crime shouldn't you be comfortable around a policeman? Maybe I have an inherent fear of authority. That combined with my wish to never be bothered might peg me as like a closet Libertarian or something. Cool.

The officer asked us if we had been looking out the windows in the last little while because apparently a bike had been stolen like twenty minutes ago and they were looking for the perp because apparently the guy left the bike and ran away when the owner started chasing him. Wanted: Young male. Hispanic. Light blue shirt and khaki shorts. We said we were sorry that we hadn't really been looking outside, but if we saw anything we would let them know.

As soon as they closed the door I burst out laughing because earlier that afternoon Dave had been changing out of his church clothes into casuals and he put on khaki shorts and a light blue shirt. I whined that he never wore this dark blue one so he changed. So basically I saved him from getting mistaken for the bike thief because who know if, with his brown sugar complexion, he could have been mistaken for Latino???? (ok, that might be a stretch...the kid is pretty Asian. But it COULD have happened if he was wearing the exact same outfit...maybe?). So since I saved him from the slammer he owes me for eternity now. We then started plotting how I could have broken him out of prison if he had gone there. So I am confident that either way it would have been just fine.

I just have to share a few pics of James's Bananagrams crosswords. For anyone who has never played the game, it is basically like Scrabble except you make your own crossword and you go really fast. Check out what he wrote:

 I'm not sure what a Joul, a Ta, or a Wot is, but he was actually vindicated with Larder because I remembered from my Laura Ingalls Wilder days that it is an old-fashioned word for a pantry.

Joq, Poika, and Bigote (actually that is a Spanish word.). But the bottom one...oh, boys....

It was fun....and now I am off for a three-day stint as a Folk Danc Camp Counselor! It should be oodles of fun, and a welcome break from the normal routine. Dave has finals this week so say a little prayer that he does so good, 'aight?

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  1. Sounds like fun!! And those s'mores bars? You're killing me smalls!! I have to go make some now ;)
    And I had to laugh because as I was reading the description of the perp it was pretty much an exact description of MY husband. Young male-check (though he is getting up there in age...). Hispanic-check. Light blue shirt and khaki shorts-check. Pretty sure Job didn't steal a bike last night though so I think we're safe ;)