Monday, April 18, 2011

Very Meaningful and Important Pictures of My Husband Sleeping

Ok so this week has been a little crazy up in hur'...think finals, working more than usual, family staying with us, etc. etc. So, while you can expect amazing posts about all of the enchanting fun that has been going on once FRIDAY is over, here is a little somethin' somethin' in the meantime:

I don't think anyone besides me really probably cares about these pics, so feel free to log off now if you want. (I feel like usually you take pictures of your little toddler asleep in funny positions, but since I have no children I have to entertain myself with gratuitous pictures of Davito.) You have already boosted my self esteem by bumping up my page-views today. Oh and, by the way, if you read this but aren't a follower, you should follow! Then I would feel better about myself and also less creepy about all of the blogs that I follow and the people probably don't even know me.

Picture #1 is what I like to call eye cover numero uno. I returned home from the gym and Dave was still asleep. I am not sure why he needed to cover his eyes as the room was obviously dark, but the delicate and deliberate placement made me laugh:

Here is eye cover numero dos, which I found yesterday when I came home from visiting teaching. I asked Dave last week what the point of ties was....I guess this is the answer:

I asked him why he was laying at the foot of the bed, and he said to "change things up". He also used the pillows as a foot warmer. Makes perfect sense to me:

Oh and Mom I promise we have sham covers...they were just in the wash since we had taken them to a friend's house to use to sit on the floor...

This one happened a while ago. Dave had laid down on his stomach to check and see if our water heater had turned off (because it was windy and sometimes the draft can blow it out) and I was just chattering away to him and all of a sudden I heard silence:

No pillow necessary when you have a hand that does the job just fine.

And last but not least is the pathetic passed out in scrubs pic. Dave had to get up at four on Saturday so that he could drive down to Richfield and assist his Dad's partner with some oral surgeries. He had only gotten three hours of sleep since he had gone to pick his nephew up from the airport the night before. He had a good day though, but he was pretty pooped when he came home:

Literally, asleep in like two seconds. I would say that I think that is weird if I wasn't the same way...Dave has discovered that I have some sleeping oddities. Like, have you ever kind of fallen asleep but then jerked yourself awake with a big start? I do that all the time, but one time in my groggy state, to try to cover it up (I am not sure why I felt like I needed an explanation), I told him that I was "ice skating". ??? I am so strange. Dave now asks me if I was ice skating every time this happens, which is pretty much all of the time.

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