Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Time waster of the year

Does anyone else feel all sorts of bad about themselves when they waste tons of time? The thing is, I kind of judge people who do it but I am SO bad about it. My Teaching Composition teacher taught me a new term this sememster..."avoidance strategies." They are the things that we do to procrastinate doing the real thing that we don't want to do the most. I am the queen of it, but in reality, it kind of helps me get things done. Like, for example, this weekend when I decided that it was imperative that I clean my fridge and rearrange my kitchen cabinets. Seeing as I had FINALS looming, it probably wasn't that smart. But now I have a clean kitchen so...yeah, I guess that makes up for failing my classes. And, when Dave's grandma stays with us next week, she can feel like her baby grandson is in competent hands hopefully?

Seeing as this is what I am dealing with for the next week, I don't know if my avoidance strategies are the smartest thing:

I hope you enjoy this high-quality pic from my phone of my perennial finals week schedule. Neon colors mandatory.

Making a schedule is the first step to being super-productive. Since it has exhausted me, I must now site here and peruse blogs to plot what kind of treat I am going to bring to our friends' moving away party tomorrow. That was the first thing on my massive list, can't you see? It's right by "gouge out my eyes" and "go bald from stress".

April 23rd can't come soon enough...

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