Thursday, April 7, 2011

9 to 5

Let's all be Barney and play make believe that I am not posting twice in one day because I am so behind...

As I have mentioned, I work in the Dean's office for the College of Family, Home and Social Sciences at BYU. I feel very blessed to have gotten (word?) this job, as it is great and I love the people that I work with. As far as student jobs go, I can't think of a better one. And, once a week everyone but me goes to a meeting and I have the office to myself for an hour and can take awesome self-pics like this one. (actually, one of the other student employees is still there with me and he probably saw this. He is aware that I am weird though)

Today we had a big event where students in our college get to present posters of their mentored research projects that they have done. It is sponsored by donors and it is kind of a really big deal in our needless to say it has been a lot of work leading up to it. I have mostly been counting and sorting posters and reassuring students that they did in fact RSVP to the luncheon during the conference, but still, I felt invested (I did have an increasingly-tense email exchange with a student who insisted that he had RSVP'd and hadn't. I saw him at the conference and was scared that he would see my name-tag and remember me. I think that I dodged the bullet though).

The day started early, 7 am, with Melissa and I handing out poster-hanging apparati (word? twice in one post, a new record) to people and trying to tell them where to go next. I will spare you loads of anecdotes but let's just say that people in situations where you have to give them instructions and they don't know what they are doing are hilarious. This isn't the Titanic people. Mass chaos is not necessary here. Just follow directions, and you will be fine.

It was a long day but it was really fun. I actually got to see a lot of old friends who came through the conference either presenting their projects or just looking at others' work. It was also fun to read people's projects although I felt a little dumb when I understood nothing at all in the Neuroscience row...what's a Hippocampus? I liked the Sociology projects about dance in France and Disney movies having an effect on men's kindness, thank you very much.

With my fancy work name-tag, I also got some of my best last-name confusion to date. Lots of guys who served missions in Japan getting freaked out. Dave wants me to tell people that I was adopted by kindly ninjas, instead of the real reason for my AWESOME cool last name.

After the conference ended and we were done cleaning up, I went and ran even though I was super tired from being on my feet and running around all day. I have noticed that when I run at a different time of day than usual, it makes me feel better sometimes. Like today, I was really tired starting but as soon as I got going I felt great. I even noticed that I wasn't as sore afterward and I wasn't as sweaty and thirsty as usual (tmi? maybe). Five miles turned into eight, but I was ok with that.

Dave picked me up and we were going to run home and make dinner and then go to a dance performance that I wanted to see (the group I had performed with for the last two years was showing their Spring showcase) but as soon as we got going cooking and stuff we realized that we probably wouldn't make it. I was totally fine with that, but Dave was all cute and kept apologizing and stuff (even though it was my fault for running for so long). He had to run to the store to buy eggs for our muffins, and when he came home, he also had this:

My most favorite fruity candy in the world! I had been craving them all week and I didn't even ask...he just got them to say sorry that we couldn't go to my dance thing. It was so sweet and I hugged him and might have teared up a little at his offering of sugar. This led him to asking several times if I was ok because I guess it is not expected to cry over a bag of Skittles. I would think he would know me better by now.

Also, if you look closely, you can see him doing the dishes in the background. I do love that boy. And he didn't even complain when my low-fat corn chowder was poo-ey...there is just no substitute for cream, but hey a girl can try...with pureed corn and milk, though, is not such a good idea.

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