Sunday, April 10, 2011

For those who shun expiration dates...

...I highly recommend shopping at Big Lots. Actually, I made sure that everything I bought had a good date on it, so I should rephrase that to say "for those who shun feeling safe while shopping and who enjoy weird brands, I highly recommend Big Lots."

Cereal Heaven. I got enough to last me till August at least.

Let me back up. Saturday, as I pulled into the Macey's parking lot, I noticed Big Lots just down the strip mall. Always on the look-out for a deal, I decided to wander in and see what they had to offer. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! Sure, some of the stuff is a little obscure, and a lot of it has packaging that is a little battered, but for the most part I felt like all of the stuff was in good repair and they had some really good, as we say in Utah, "dills" (has anyone else noticed this Utaccent? It goes along with "pellow", "on sell" instead of "on sale" and "pitcher" for picture)

Does anyone else remember these gummy burgers? Me and my sisters were obsessed with them when we were little. Looking back, they are kind of disgusting but it made me happy to see that they are still in production. Even if no one wanted them and that's why they ended up at Big Lots:

I do think that I will bring Dave with me next time, though. The place was crawling with shady characters.

Later that night Davito and I went on a fun date to the BYU Philharmonic Orchestra's performance. I got the tickets for free from work, and it was really fun to go to a show together...we realized that we had both been to watch each other perform at BYU multiple times(him: Men's Chorus, me: Folk dance. Our first date was me and my sister coming to watch his concert and then me ditching her to go to dessert with him. I am such a good big sister. Especially since Grace got lost trying to find our car alone.), but we have NEVER been to what you would define as a cultural event together. Plenty of sports, though... What has happened to us? I thought we loved the arts. I guess that's what you get for being poor married's worth it though :)

Dave had to grab my hand to keep me from clapping in between symphonic movements...oops. Good thing I married a former band kid who knows these things.

On Friday me and my ex-roomies threw a baby shower for one of our beloved friends Anne. She was the first to get married and now is the first to have a baby...always just gotta be one step ahead of us Anne!

We were all appalled, or rather, jealous of how many friends she had to invite. I guess that is one of the perks of being a Relief Society president. Oh, and getting that chance to serve in the church and care for others too...I still haven't figured out how to make friends in my married ward. We were so excited that Dave's cousin Kiku and her husband Tyler were moving right down the street from us, but thanks to BYU's minute ward boundaries, they are in a different ward than they are.

My church tactic is to stick by Dave for the first two hours, and then to hang out in the bathroom until right before RS starts so that I can slip in at the last moment and not have to talk to anyone. Friendly, I know. Just, whenever I try to be outgoing it fails, like today, when I wondered why the girl with the baby gave me the stink eye when I sat next to her. I tried asking her how old her baby was but it didn't really work so I just sat awkwardly in silence while she talked to her friends behind her until the meeting started, and I realized later when she had to keep climbing over me to get out with her baby that she had been trying to sit on the edge of the row so that she could easily leave with her baby. I offered to hand her all of her baby stuff when she finally got up and moved away from me to have more space. Friendliness fail. Maybe next week?

It's not as bad as I make it sound. I like my ward and there are plenty of nice people. Devoting my life to one person for the last year has just rendered me a little socially awkward so I am learning to make friends again.

Anyway, at least I have these four girls to be my friends! I love them dearly:

Dave was a little darling while I was gone and went to help our friends Garrett and Racheal move. I get really sad when people leave Provo. Don't they know that moving on with their lives in over-rated? (Larsie, I am talking to you too). Refusing to graduate from college is the answer to all of life's problems.

Oh, and I got another free flower arrangement at work:

Due to Provo's recent inclement weather, it has become imperative that I dress like a Canadian lumberjack whenever I leave the house (I can't blame my nerd face/pose on the weather though. That is all me, baby!). Dave said I was the cutest lumberjack he had ever seen though, so I felt good about myself. Also, orange floral vest lining matches really well with plaid. I think my fashion prowess was the reason that the cop who pulled us over of Friday let us off. I had never been pulled over...I might have cried a little. And I wasn't even the one driving. Luckily, he was completely stupid and got us for pulling out of a parking lot that was supposedly left turn only but had no sign. Dave politely pointed out that there is no sign there, and, since the cop must have realized that his argument of "yeah, but you can tell" made no sense, he let us go. There was really no reason for me to get so worked up...but what can I say, authority scares me and getting in trouble is the worst ever. That is why I want to be a teacher, so that I can be the one to get people in trouble and avoid it myself. I am sure that I will really enjoy all of the parents yelling at me all of the time. Again, sometimes I question the logic behind my career choice.

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