Saturday, April 2, 2011

A 9-miler, Conference, and a Costco Victory

Happy April everyone! Yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in scenic Provo, so we tried to take advantage of it as best we could (seeing as, once again, Provo's weather was sporadic and rando and it is again cold and rainy). We walked to the park that is right by our house to toss around the ol' Frisbee, and it was sooooo fun to be outside. I didn't want to carry anything with me so I took a pre-outside pic:

It is a winner, I know. I am telling you, double-side chins and bright red capris circa 2005 are the next big thing. So is using Christmas wrapping paper taped over your window as blinds.

I am sad that we didn't take my camera though, because we saw the biggest dang pile of ants that I have ever seen. Dave was fascinated and we stopped both on the way there and back to observe.

We then hit up Little Caesar's, and watched Unstoppable. It's the movie about the runaway train. It was ok...entertaining, but the preview made it look like it was going to be better than it was. It had Denzel Washington as a lovable veteran train operator though, and everyone loves Denzel.

Today dawned bright and early for me and I was determined to run before General Conference started at 10...and I wanted to run 9 miles, the most I have ever run! I am happy to say that I did it, but it took me an embarrassingly long amount of time. If I could sell a limb on the black market (preferably an arm or else this scheme would be obsolete) I would buy myself a Garmin (it's a watch that tells your your distance and pace) but since $300=over a week of life for us, I will have to refrain for now...

I popped some Skittles at the halfway point for a burst of energy. Candy is the poor woman's Gu gel or Shot Blocks.

When I got home we made some cinnamon rolls (just the Rhodes kind) and what I named a "morning sunrise smoothie". I thought that if I named it something tropical, Dave wouldn't notice the lack of flavor. Growing up, my Dad made the most DELICIOUS smoothies! They were so, so good. But, they had tons of sugar and flavored syrup and stuff. My mom, on the other hand, tried to sell us on putting Protein powder in smoothies...I am still really wary of powders and stuff in drinks. I just always think they're gross. I think you should just eat normal food items. I try to strike a happy medium, because I don't put any sugar or ice cream or anything in my smoothies, but I don't put weird stuff in either. Just fruit, ice, milk, or yogurt. This one had ice cubes, a little oj, an orange, some strawberry yogurt, and some pineapple. I thought it was pretty good, if I do say so myself, and at least it had fruit, right?

Conference was wonderful as usual! I am going to do a recap of my favorite talks, but for now I will just say that most of the day was spent like this:'

Just look at the tone on those legs...should have been a dancer

Cutest little note-taker I ever did see

Note: we were super disappointed that our favorite Mo-Taber, the famous Alex Boye, seemed to be MIA this time. As Dave said, "maybe he has quit the small-time?" Anyone know what's up?...we haven't seen him since the 4th of July BYU special and we need our souls to be lifted by the dulcet tones only Alex can provide.

After Conference we just did homework and stuff and then Dave got ready to go to Priesthood session. Due to poor planning, we had failed to go to Costco earlier that day, and realized that I would have to go without Dave if I was to get the tortillas that we needed for dinner that night. You see, after you have had the Costco tortillas that you cook yourself, you just can't go back to Mission or whatever brand you get at the grocery store. It had to be Tortilla Factory or bust. Well, I had no problem running to Costco, especially since I love that place and for some reason Dave doesn't see the need to wander down every aisle when we only need one thing, but I don't actually have my own Costco card (Dave got his before we were married and still has the membership) and since I do not in any way resemble a cute Japanese boy, and still have Hopkin on my debit card (we are taking the whole "transitioning into married life" thing slowly obviously) this might be a problem.

I walked in and flashed the card, picture side down, feeling like I was stealing or something. I darted to the tortillas, taking a slight detour at the bagels and swiping two samples, and ran to the front. I wanted to get it over with if they were going to deny me my tortillas. I scoped out what I thought looked like the nicest/most laid-back cashier, and luckily, he didn't say a thing about me using Dave's card. Whew! It might have been because I caused a slight distraction by bumping into the guy behind me who then dropped a whole carton of apple danishes, but either way, I got my stuff and got out of there.

On my way out of Costco I saw the creepiest/most intimidating teenager I have ever seen...I can't describe it, but he looked like the 16-year-old punk version of Voldemort. He kept starring me down and I got super scared and locked my doors and then am I going to teach high school if teenage boys scare me? When I was volunteering in a school a couple of weeks ago I totally got shut down by this scary huge kid who was 18 but looked 30 and I determined that maybe I need to teach at a school for quiet girl midgets.

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