Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Duds...

...is what my grandparents call new clothes. So I am applying this to the new design on our blog! I wasted wayyyyy too much time making that photo collage up there last night. It was actually really, really easy! I would highly recommend using Picasa! Anyway, I felt like just having the wedding pic up there was getting kind of old since we are now beyond the one-year mark and not the little newlyweds we once were (I think in Mormon years you have less time to be a newlywed. Correct me if I am wrong).

My practicum is going well so far and I have only had one technological disaster ruin my lesson. None of the kids can say "Mizukawa" so they just call me Mrs. Miz. My favorite moment so far was this cute little kid who asked me if he could switch the topic of his research paper from Sir Isaac Newton to Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokemon. I asked him if he liked Pokemon and he just looked up at me (I like having students that have to still look up at me) with this little "duh" look and was like "I have over 300 Pokemon cards." Haha I didn't think that they even really made those anymore! And I didn't think kids still loved them. But I would rather have him research him than look up Chanel handbags which is what some of the girls in the class were using their computer lab time to do, despite my telling them to get back on task. Sheesh. Middle school.

I am currently till in a carb coma from last night's impromptu visit to Pizza Pie Cafe. It was "receipt day" where they give you a yellow receipt, and whatever you buy you can come back and get for free in February. After eating there I was trying to figure out why I love that place so much. It has gotten more expensive since they opened, and the pasta and salad bar are horrible, so you are basically paying $8.25 to eat pizza that is sitting under a heat lamp and all kind of tastes the same. It is always like jam-packed in there and there was a line out the door the whole time that we were there. I feel like an old person having the realization that I would rather save the money and the hassle and just go buy a take-out pizza for half the price that we could both eat there, but I think PPC might be losing its glory for me. That didn't stop me from downing like 6 pieces of pizza last night (they were smallish?) and it sure as heck won't stop me from going back next month for my free buffet.

Someone comment and tell me about your worst buffet experience. Ever found a clump of hair or a thumb in something?


  1. If school lunch counts as a buffet, then this one time, I bit into a roll and as I pulled it away from my mouth a nasty long hair extended from my mouth into the roll. Ya...it was baked into the roll. I never ate another cafeteria roll...ever again.

    1. That is disgusting! Although seconds before I read your comment I was gagging on one of my own hairs that somehow made it into my mouth. But it was my own....wayyy different than finding someone else's.

      I thought cafeteria ladies always had hairnets?

    2. Love the header! I use picasa all the time, it's free. And great. And did I say free?!
      One time, I had a "drinking" contest at a buffet with a roommate in college (soda, I assure you) and ended up barfing the whole way home to our apartment. But that's just my stupidity rather than the buffet's fault. (but I WON)
      Sheesh, why did I just tell you that. It makes me sound super gross. I apologize.... I hope we can still be friends. ;)

  2. One time I was digging into the macaroni and cheese, and I found this muskrat. At first, I thought he was dead, but then he rolled over and said, "Hey, buddy, got a light?"