Saturday, January 14, 2012

Go Modern Cavemen!!!

So for the past few weeks I have been anxiously awaiting the news of where I will be student teaching in the fall. The way my teaching program works, we are assigned to a school for our practicum semester, which is the semester before we are set to student teach (that is where I am now). Because it is January and schools don't find out their funding and enrollment and everything until later in the year, it is really hard to know for sure where I will be until a little later. However, the placement that they give us for practicum is where we will (*fingers crossed*) be placed in the fall.

I found out yesterday that I will be at American Fork Junior High for my practicum, and hopefully be interning there in the fall if things go according to plan (aka the school doesn't realize that they need fewer teachers than they are planning on now...)! I am super excited for four reasons:

1) internship=half salary and benefits. I know half of a first-year teacher's salary is not much--ha!--but it is better than working for free, which is what student teaching basically is!

2) I will be working with a girl who is currently interning this semester, which will be a really good experience. I can see how she handles things and get her perspective on her first year of teaching.

3) American Fork is not that far away. The school is just a long drive up State Street, which is a bajillion times better than driving up 1-15 in the morning. Or up Provo Canyon in the snow.

4) I totally wanted Junior High!

So, like I said, fall isn't set in stone. But I am REALLY hoping that this is where I get to stay. And the best part of all is AMJH's mascot: The Modern Caveman. Awesome. Picture of mascot will be forthcoming.