Thursday, January 12, 2012

Update on M'goals

So I am waiting to talk about Spain and Christmas and New Year's and everything until we get the pictures uploaded, and since I delegated that to Dave (in my head) I hold myself blameless. BUT I can talk about myself some more! So since everyone is so interested, I am sure, let's talk about how I am doing so far with my resolutions (this is really more for myself....feel free to skip this post if you so desire):

Running: the marathon schedule is going great so far! And I am also doing a lot better this semester than last with running in the morning and not putting it off until later in the day. This is good, because I have more time in the evening, but bad for two reasons: (1) I get really, really hungry. All day long. This isn't really bad, since I enjoy satisfying said hunger, but I probably shouldn't eat like three breakfasts. (2) I have lately taken to the terrible habit of getting really, really sleepy around 8pm or so, falling asleep from two or three hours on the couch, and then having Dave wake me up and I then finish my homework until like one or two in the morning. It's no way to live. But I think my body is reacting negatively to waking up at 6 every morning. Student teaching this fall should be a rude awakening.

 One very awesome thing about running on the treadmill every morning is watching this gem of a show                   on my phone....

Downton Abbey.jpg 

It's amazing. It's everything you could want in a BBC period drama. Which is a lot. Airs Sunday nights on PBS at 8:00, or on Netflix at your leisure.

Cooking Vegetarian Things:  So far....ok. I realized that my vegetarian meal for last week actually had bacon in it. Whoops. And of course instead of omitting it we still ate it anyway. But tonight I am making curry with chickpeas instead of chicken, but I had tuna for lunch. So actually I have eaten meat every day since that challenge started. But I don't think that the challenge was to eat vegetarian, but just cook vegetarian. So I am counting that as a win.

Grocery Budget:  Going good so far! The first week we spent a little more because we had been gone for so long that we really had to re-stock a lot of food. But last week I did great! We even went to Costco and just walked around and didn't spend a dime. We originally went there for samples, but it was a really lame Sample Saturday and I left with a bad taste in my mouth. Not from the food. Just from the, as we call them, "side swipers." They ignore the line that has formed and come in and grab samples from the side. Usually more than one. Maybe they are grabbing one for their guardian angels or something, but usually from what I can see they are taking more than one per person, and then there are none left for me. They make me really mad and usually I want to hip-check them.

 I was much better off going to Macey's holiday open house and scoring samples there. Few people know about this event but I love it and have been a fan since roughly 2008:

Food mixing doesn't bother me....


  1. Did you read Forks over Knives or Food Inc. or some other radical documentary that changed your views on meat? Chris and I are all about flicks that promote plant-based diets and try to force our families to watch them too, but we're not so good at living them.

    Also--downton Abbey--so good!

    1. I actually did watch that after I read about it on your blog! It didn't convince me to go totally veg, but it did make me stop and think a little about what we eat. Except I ate a ham sandwich and chili today, so I don't think I am doing that great at it. I figure it's worth at least making a stab at, though.