Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Happy Month of Love

Happy February, ya'll! The month of love, and I decided to decorate a little last weekend (slightly early? yes) I have Pinterest to thank for my little Valentine's display: I think the whole thing cost me like $4? Printable, felt for the garland, and foam ball and streamers for the little rosette ball. I had extra felt hearts so I made another garland and strung it on the shelf over our bed, but it keeps falling down and strangling us in the night. So that one was kind of a fail.

Wednesday thoughts:

 I play Words with Friends a lot now. I am actually really bad at it, which is depressing since words and reading and stuff are kind of supposed to be my thing. Oops. I play my grandma, Dave, and Tess. I can never come close to beating my grandma but at least Tess and Dave give me a shot. I have yet to win a game, though. It is kind of depressing.

I have a professor who used to be a nun. She swears and has a New Zealand accent. Sadly, hers is my most boring class. It doesn't really make sense, does it? 

And finally, I have discovered the amazing joys of Pandora again. I would recommend any of their pre-made channels! I am loving their "Love Songs" channel, and also their "Soft Rock" one. Both are the perfect level of volume and broad-appeal to play at work. Because lots of times my bosses will ask me to put on some music when it gets quiet in the afternoon, but I feel really awkward when I put on my Grooveshark channels and Taio Cruz or someone like that pops up. I feel like it's kind of like letting people read my journal. Except, I guess that is kind of what a blog is. But I don't read that aloud at work, see?

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