Tuesday, September 6, 2011

For Gramsie

Ok, ok it's been like a month. I feel kind of guilty and have been meaning to jump back on that bandwagon but nothing made me feel quite as bad as when I called my grandma yesterday and she said that she has been "blue" because she checks my blog every single morning and keeps getting repeatedly disappointed by my slovenly blogging ways (my words, not hers). Dagger to the heart! So to make it up to her I am renouncing my prodigal grandchild ways and coming back to the warm loving arms of the internet world.

The main reason that I have not been writing is that my family has been visiting all during the month of August. It was SO fun to see them and I have lots to talk about in regards to what we did. They finally had to go home and get back to real life, but we started school this week, so things have been busy with that too. I don't know why but this has definitely been the most stressful first week of school ever for me. Which is weird, because I tried to tell myself that my grades don't matter as much now that I am in my program and this is my last year, but I still got really overwhelmed last week for some reason. I guess doing well in school is something that has been so ingrained in me for my whole life and I feel really guilty not trying my best since it is a blessing to have a college education. I used to handle it just fine but with work and the normal household responsibilities I was feeling like I had like two hours a day for homework and last time I checked that is just simply not enough when you are expected to spend that much per class.

After this long weekend though I felt a lot better and had some time to get ahead and I feel a lot better this week. We went down to Dave's house in St. George and spent time with his family which is always fun. His brother's wife Julie had just had a baby girl on Wednesday so we got to see her and she was just the cutest! I am kicking myself because Dave and I both thought the other one was bringing a camera so we failed to take any pictures, but trust me, this is one cute baby. They are not sure what they are naming her for sure yet (like which should be the first name and which is the middle) and for some reason no one took my suggestion of Penelope and calling her Pippa seriously. Or Olive.

Julie asked us to help her make a cake for Makayla, who was turning two on Sunday. She loves phones (she calls them hellos) so she was wondering if we could make a "hello" cake for her. We plotted and sketched out an idea and spent like three hours on Sunday making this cake. I will admit that I was slightly disappointed in the outcome. For one thing, we used a chocolate cake and white frosting, which I should have known better than to do. So it was chocolate crumb frosting. It still turned out kind of cute but I felt really guilty because Julie is like a master party woman and I know that Makayla would have had a better cake from her. But we tried really hard and that's what counts, right? Our kids will just have to have ghetto cakes for their birthday.

Here is a super-cute pic of Makayla blowing out the candles, though:

It's just a phone pic, so not the best quality. Has anyone else ever noticed that candles make pictures look super crazy for some reason???

Makayla, your Uncle Dave and Aunt Claire love you, even if your cake looks a little wonky.

Sorry, I feel like this post has been a little grumpy sounding! I promise I am happy. To prove it I will share this cute printable I found on Mommy by Day, Crafter by Night:

Isn't that cute??? I want to make it into something but I don't know what. Maybe a pennant banner for football season or something.

Happy four-day week! 

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