Monday, September 19, 2011

Last Week's Randoms

So I still cannot find my camera battery charger thing anywhere. I have no idea how things disappear in our tiny apartment but somehow they manage to and so I am relegated to lots of terrible phone pics until then. I thought I would share a few of the highlights:

 We went to my darling friend Laura's birthday party on Friday. She is just the cutest girl and quite the Japanophile (word?) so we had to oblige her with an Asian pic.

Laura's mom was also there and I wish I had a picture with her. She is the cutest little mom (she looks 20) and she was trying to make everyone dance like a real Colombian party.

 I had to get some blood tests at the doctors. My hypochondria struck again. But...I am fine! And I got a hot camo bandaid (picture carefully taken to omit worst hairy part of arms, for your benefit).

Ok this is so random to me. For like a month and a half how our parking spot neighbors (I don't know them so I don't feel to guilty about this) have had this mysterious sheet covering this big lumpy thing in their parking spot. Everyone keeps asking what it is and we had no idea until on Saturday I noticed that the sheet was off for the big reveal!

....little stump things? Not even firewood. My only thought is that maybe she is making some huge number of woodsy craft for Super Saturday or something.

One thing I didn't get a picture of was the delicious French Toast Casserole that I made for Dave's parents on Sunday. It was from Pioneer Woman, the website of wonderfully fattening food. It was really tasty but it was basically just bread pudding parading as breakfast. Works for me! I like to think that it made everyone feel better after the BYU game :( And I was really proud of myself because I was brave enough to try something new for the in-laws and it actually worked this time!

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