Monday, September 19, 2011

I'm Too Young for This Foolishness

So, lately I have been a little scatterbrained. I wish I could blame it on something cool, like being pregnant, but it is just due to being a little stressed and frazzled. Like three times this week I made really silly scheduling mistakes or put the wrong date on things. It is really embarrassing when you get text messages from the girl you visit teach wondering where you are (I could have SWORN it was next week that we decided on!). But anyway, when the sweet compassionate service committee in my ward left me a nail polish and a little birthday note on my doorstep yesterday I just assumed it was for my birthday this Saturday. However, later that day my aunt left this on my Facebook wall:

I seriously sat and stared at the screen for like three minutes. Wait, is it my birthday today? Is that possible? My mom forgets her own birthday sometimes but I am not old enough to not like my birthday yet am I? I finally got the courage to ask Dave and he confirmed that no, my birthday is definitely later this week. My Aunt Heather was just early. I really would not put it past myself lately to not know when the 24th is though.

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  1. Too funny. I have been experiencing this problem for a while now. I even had the birthday problem, but opposite, I thought it was further away. Ooops! At least you know you're not alone, right?