Wednesday, August 10, 2011


So my hair has been somewhat of a point of distress for me for quite some time now. I feel like I am more of a short-hair girl deep down. Like, ever since middle school I have been a big fan of cutting it at regular intervals. I am blessed with pretty thick and fast-growing hair so it really isn't that dramatic for me to cut since I know it will grow back within like a year.

However, in the last two years I have been growing it out and even though I didn't really love it long, I kind of felt like I should let it grow for the following reasons:

1. I kind of know that once I have kids I will always have it short (ish) so I wanted to take advantage of this last time that I can have long hair.

2. Dave has only ever known me with longer hair so I was worried that he wouldn't like it.

3. I wanted to donate it to Locks of Love and so I needed to stick it out longer.

However, having longer hair was not the best for me. I honestly just don't really care enough to put the time into taking care of it. I knew that when I am teaching next year I wouldn't want to get up any earlier than the already 6am wake-up call to fix it. I am cheap and poor so I buy terrible shampoo and conditioner and it was getting dried out. I never actually fixed it. And my bangs were way too long so they just got pinned back. AND, it was getting really heavy as it got longer so it had no body or style it just sat there looking frumpy. It caused me to feel like this:

So on Monday I realized that I was suffering for no reason. I measured and if I cut it right then, my hair would have to be pretty short but no shorter than I had ever had it before so I decided to just go for it. Plus, my family was coming in Tuesday and it would be fun to surprise them. I called the salon that I usually go to but the girl who used to cut my hair had moved and so I just got a random. I can be so impulsive sometime, I feel like growing up my mom would never ever have let me just decide to cut off a foot of hair on the spur of the moment and then just go to some person that I had never heard a recommendation for, but that is the beauty of being a grown up: I can make perhaps dumb decisions without permission (looonnngest sentence ever, sorry).

She had to put my hair in a few little ponies to cut it, and the girl accidentally cut one side higher than the other so my hair ended up pretty short...oh well...maybe recommendations are a good thing...but it turned out ok. I am still kind of getting used to it but Dave says he likes it. Well, actually he said he liked it but then he said that running his hands through my hair reminds him of running his hands through his friend Andy's hair (yes, Andy is a boy, who at one point in time had long hair) but after me getting mad about that he repented and said I still looked like a girl.

So, without further ado here are the inevitable bathroom pics (you can see that I did it not once but twice by the fact that I have two outfits! You're so welcome):

Please appreciate the piece that is sticking way out and the fact that I don't know how to look up from my phone for a picture.

And yes that random piece of bang will haunt me until the day I die.


  1. Ahhh so cute!! I wish I could pull off short hair. I think my hair is similar to yours, grows quick and is thick, but sadly that sometimes comes with the aforementioned problems like heavy, no body or style, frumpy etc... Dang, you've got me thinking I should cut my hair now ;) You really look adorable!

  2. Slap dash haircut! It looks great - brings out your baby blues! Is this the demise of the messy bun? Side note - there is a guy in our ward who runs his fingers through his wife's hair through the entire meeting. It is nauseating but you can't look away. Sunday she foiled him and had a bun. Luckily there was a visiting couple that filled in for our enjoyment.
    Anyway, have fun with your family. They promised to be on their best behavior around Dave. Or did they?

  3. It looks super cute! I'm totally with you though-I feel at home in short hair like it's my thing. But I actually just decided to do the opposite and start growing mine. Give my hair a final run before having kids... Even though I'm sure I'll just end up hating it. The bang is cute though. You should have some fun with the curling iron. Short and curly is so cute

  4. I love it! So stinking cute! PS. I love the tampon dispenser in the background. hehehe

  5. Love it! Love short hair! I am so tempted to cut mine, but I know the slicked back pony tail is going to come in handy when baby #2 gets here, so I'll have to hold on a little longer :( You look awesome with short hair! And don't worry about the Andy comment because he actually had really nice hair, so maybe it's a compliment?