Friday, September 16, 2011

The Only Good Thing That Happened Yesterday

Maybe I am being a little dramatic. BUT yesterday was just not a good day. A bit of a shocker, to use the Australian term. It was just a day where everything went wrong. I shall spare you the entire list but here are a few highlights:

*Entire hem of my JCrew gray skirt all of a sudden unraveled. So I walked around campus all afternoon with either a string tail or a completely un-hemmed skirt. Does anyone know how to do an invisible hem?

*Thought I scheduled a meeting with my Primary presidency. Turns out "reply" and "reply all" are two different things (who would have known?) and so I had just the bishopric member there but none of my counselors. They had no idea it was even on for sure.

*For some reason, my sandwich that I brought from home for lunch tasted like garbage. It is the same thing I have every day. It was very curious but served to worsen my foul mood.

Another thing that I did wrong was forget my phone at home. I got to campus and realized that I didn't have it with me, so I emailed Dave from work and asked him to bring it to campus with him. We have a class together (Teachings of the Living Prophets) so I figured I could just get it there. Usually Dave gets to that class really early but yesterday I got there at like 10 'till and he was no where to be seen. I waited and waited and felt like a dork because I had my bag on this seat for him but he finally hurried in right as the bell rang. He was....slightly....damp. Poor thing. He had arrived at campus and realized that he hadn't brought my phone, so he rode all the way back home and back in the like 15 minutes before class started. The worst part was he couldn't find my phone. I felt like the worst wife! I didn't discover until that evening when I got home that it was actually at the bottom of my bag the whole time....I'm an it had all been for naught!

I did feel really bad that he had gone all the way home for me I passed him this note in class:

He edited "sweet" to describe his more literal condition at that moment.

I am glad that at least he proved his deep love for me once more through this heroic act :)

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  1. I will hem your skirt. For real. :) sorry you had an off-day. I was happy to see you today!