Monday, September 12, 2011

Temple Day

Two years ago I had the most wonderful opportunity to be in a Relief Society presidency with three of the most amazing girls I have ever met. Before we got called none of us were really good friends in the ward and none of us lived in the same apartment or anything, but we hit it off immediately and became fast friends. We had lots of great adventures frosting ridiculous amounts of cookies, making love predictions, hawking pies to lure people to firesides, just generally scaring our poor sweet RS adviser in presidency meetings, which ran about an hour and a half average.... even though we all live in different wards (and towns) now I love it when you have a group of friends that you don't see for a while but when you do everything just clicks like you have been hanging out every day forever. 

Our dear Kate is about to leave for a mission to McAllen, TX and since she was the last member of us to go through the temple we decided that a temple trip was in order. She drove down from Bountiful (where she lives now...because she graduated from college at 19 what the heck?) to meet us at the Provo temple and we did a session together. 

It was so great to spend time with them in such a special place. It reminded me of in the scriptures when Alma the Younger meets the sons of Mosiah and is so happy to see that his friends have remained is fun to see good friends and be able to share the happiness that the Gospel brings to you together.

Awesome squished phone shot. Thanks Laura! (she's the cute Latina)

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  1. This post is fantastic. I love you and the rest of the girls!!! I'll miss you all when I go to Texas! LOVE YOU!