Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Possibility of failure=debatable

Ok so I don't know if I have actually mentioned this on the blog, especially since my blogging has been lacking lately, but I am running my first half marathon on Saturday! I am just doing the Provo City Half, since it was relatively cheap and I figured that maybe some sense of familiarity would be helpful the first time I attempt something like this. I feel kind of dumb making such a big deal out of it, since I read running blogs and they are like always running fulls and 13.1 miles is just like any other day for them, but for me, this is a big ole' dealio.

I never really understood why people talked about getting nervous for a race, especially when you have absolutely no chance of like winning anything and you just want to finish, but I am SO NERVOUS! I think I finally get it now. It is probably because running is so much of a personal thing, that if I fail or totally fall apart, I will feel like all of the blame is totally on me and I will just have myself of be disappointed in. And, having put so much work and time into training makes me really want to at least just be able to finish and feel proud of myself. I know that if I have to like walk half of it I will be really, really mad.

Here is what I am most nervous about:

1. Sometimes you just have really 'off" running days and you don't feel good or whatever for no known reason. How do I make sure that that doesn't happen on Saturday?!

2. My last long run was absolute torture and I kept asking myself why the heck I tell myself that I like running.

3. I have been training more in the afternoon so I am a little nervous about how the early morning is going to treat me...a lot of my Saturday runs have been in the morning though, so that should be fine.

4. I have never actually run 13 miles. I have done 10 several times, but that is the longest that my training plan had me do. I understand the logic behind not injuring myself or burning out before the race, but I think I would feel better if I knew that I had at least done the whole length of the race.

Whew! Enough negativity. These are the reasons that I tell myself I will do awesome:

1. I have definitely put in the time with training. It's not like I just decided to do this yesterday.

2. The weather is supposed to be awesome this weekend! I have my own little obsessive personal weather checker to thank for this update (I never look at the weather. I have made most of my appropriate footwear and jacket choices because of Dave alone).

3. Historically, I have always run faster in races that I have run than by myself. Even though I have never run a race this long, I like to think that this will hold true for a half as well.

4. If I have done 10 miles before, I can do 13 even if I have to DRAG myself across that finish line!

5. I was promised a medal for finishing and dang it, I will get that medal. And the free bagels afterwards.

6. I have my favorite little supporter coming to cheer me on!

This is not relevant in any way. He is just such a cute little camper!

So we will just have to wait and see how it all works tactic this week has been entitled (by me) "leave them wanting more". "Them"=me, as I always try to cut out of working out before it gets really super hard so that I am not sore or anything for Saturday. It is my tapering tactic. We'll see if it works.


  1. Good luck Claire, I'm sure you'll do amazing!! I always get way nervous too before any kind of race.

  2. Congrats on finishing, Fi. You rule! Did it go more like the fears or more like the reasons you'd do fine?