Friday, May 20, 2011

Free Food and Mental Victories

First of all, I would like to thank the lovely Miss Melissa Ellen for putting these pictures up and allowing me to steal this one. Well, I didn't ask but I know that she would never deny me this beautiful pic:

Not the best picture in the world...I look like I have no hair which is the result of not properly fixing said hair in two days (make it three now...whoo! I don't even have a baby or a chronic illness or anything to blame it on), but we had a slammin' good time at work today as, in the past two days, we have gotten not one, not two, but THREE free meals at work. Yes, our job is pretty sweet. We just had to stand there and look pleasant while important people took food in between their important-looking meetings and then help shuffle some fruit trays and tubs of ice around and we get free leftover sweet rolls, quiche, and Kneader's sandwiches and cookies. Yes, I like my job very much (I would like to give Melissa a shout-out for making work a very pleasant experience everyday. I am pretty sure we were destined to be co-workers in the pre-mortal existence. At least, we are very good about sharing a workspace and most of the same responsibilities, and still liking each least I still like I think that says a lot.)

After my office binging I went to the track to run. I think that the depressing weather is messing with my mo-jo...I hadn't thought to blame the weather for my lack of motivation this week, but my friend Anne said she blames it for not wanting to do the dishes and I think it is a brilliant answer to my problems. Seriously, since my race I have been a little off when it comes to my whole health routine. I feel like I am just sore and sluggish and I am not enjoying exercise like I usually do...I even told Dave I wasn't going to work out on Monday and he was like "you know you are. You love it" and I was like "do I? do I really?" Because at that moment I hated it and I just stayed home and watched old episodes Ruby and told myself I never had to work out again until I had a problem like hers. The rain makes it so hard too because I have to run at the indoor track and it can get real boring, real fast.

Anyway, I thought I had snapped out of it on Wednesday, because I went for a run and it was really good and then I went to a class by the title of "Ripped" which made me sore for the next three days and totally sapped my desire to bend my knees to sit down, get back up again, lift anything, or bend over. So when I showed up to the track today, I had one of two options...I could just decide I was too sore from Wednesday, or I could try to run and see if my muscles loosened up a little and I felt better. I started out and I felt HORRIBLE! I could like barely move, and I looked so awkward, I am sure! I was just feeling so down on myself and thinking about how lame I was being, and the first two miles were torture.

Then, however, I made a turn-around. I decided that I am a very determined woman and that I wasn't going to quit and that the reason I like to run is because it is hard ("If running were easy everyone would do it") and so I just needed to get over myself and be positive!!! I forced myself to keep going and guess what? Being positive about my abilities made me feel SO much happier than beating myself up. Surprise, surprise. I finished 6 more miles for eight total, and even though I was a little sore directly after, when I stretched and then ate dinner after I felt wayyyy better. Running really is mind over matter, of that I am convinced.

Another thing that I realized is how grateful I am for my body. Seriously, it lets me do so many things and I am so blessed to have a body without any injuries or big problems. I have never really not been able to do anything because of my body, and that is a great blessing. I know that our bodies are a gift from Heavenly Father, and I want to show Him how grateful I am for it by taking care of it (my sugar problem...oy...). I was at Macey's today and I saw this little old man trying to get on his bike outside. It looked like he was struggling so much to get his leg over the bar but I respected him for still trying so hard to ride and be outside and I said a little prayer of gratitude that I have a body that is still young and I can ride a bike or go for a walk or swim or run or anything that I want.

If you want a tear-jerker about a person who uses their physical abilities to bless someone else...WATCH THIS. It is so sweet! What an amazing 13-year-old boy!

Dave is going to laugh when I put this on here because if he wants to incite emotion from me, all he has to do is say "Dayton's Legs." Seriously though, what a great example of someone who really uses their talents to bless someone else.

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