Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mother Martha

No, this title does not refer to a nun but my own dear mother who is the epitome of Martha Stewart! Really, the woman should have an etsy shop...and she doesn't even live in Utah so you KNOW she's gotta be talented if she is etsy-worthy. A few weeks ago I casually whined on the phone that I needed some new cute headbands and stuff, and that if she was feeling crafty she should make me something cute for summer :) Well, Monday I got a package in the mail and it contained all of this:

Two scarves, a bunch of shoe clips (who knew such things existed?) two headbands, a necklace, a cute flower pin, and my favorite part...

12 pairs of button earrings! I just love the two pairs I already owned so now I have 14 pairs and I could go two weeks straight without a repeat! (But since I wore two different pairs today I ruined my plan. Blast. Oh well, girl's gotta keep things fresh for her man I guess...and since I have stopped fixing my hair I guess changing earrings twice a day will have to do.)

Isn't my mom the best?!?!?! She is so crafty and always comes through for me when I need something cute and handmade. Like last year when she sent me like 8 hair flowers, or the time she crocheted me one of those big flower headbands that were all the rage like two years ago. I was so excited when I opened this and all week at work I have been getting compliments on my cute stuff and it's all thanks to mi madre!

This is completely unrelated but because this post actually had no pictures of me and we all know I simply can't have that, I will end with a truly horrible picture of me and Dave. Well, mostly me, in my wet hair and scary moon face: 

Please excuse the blurriness due to some oil smudges on the camera lens. Cooking and cameras is not something I have figured out yet.

And yes, I am perched on Dave's lap in this picture. Has anyone ever watched the show Ruby? As goofy as it may sound, I found that it is on Netflix Instant Play and I have been watching it all week. I forgot how much I loved that show. Anyway, she said one of her dreams was to be thin enough to sit on her boyfriend's lap. This is my tribute to her and a sign of my gratitude over my relatively normal size (though I would never reveal the embarrassingly narrow gap in me and Dave's weights...I may have to start playing a "Hansel and Gretel" witch role in making sure he eats enough to keep it safely above mine)

Here is another ugly pic for good measure. Because the internet isn't the internet without self-taken shots of you and your significant other:

From the archives. You're welcome.


  1. I would buy your mothers amazing button earings on etsy. Costumer numero uno. Just sayin'
    In fact a few weeks ago I had my sister bring me a whole bunch of vintage buttons all the way from Utah so I could make myself some said button earings, but after looking at yours I am afraid mine would just pale in comparison. Gosh, now I wanna go take pictures of Jobito and I... :)
    Hope you have a lovely day!

  2. Oh Rachael I bet yours will be so cute! My mom said that hers were SUPER easy, you just glue fabric to these little things she bought at a craft store. I need her to show me how to make them so that I can make some for friends and stuff...since I obviously have tons for myself :)

    I love your blog! I would love to meet Job sometime, if you guys ever visit Utah we should get together!