Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Everybody Loves an Air Show

At least, everybody in Southern Utah that is. This past weekend we went down to visit Dave's family because his sister and brother and their families were going to be in town for Spring Break, so we wanted to see them even just for the two short days. While we were there the Blue Angels were going to be rolling through town, so Dave's parents thought that would be a fun activity for everyone to go to. It was really fun to see the awesome planes and the displays and stuff (just watching their tricks made me want to barf), but I think my favorite part may have been the people-watching. Southern Utah's finest all came out for this event, let me tell ya. The place was packed to the gills. We also ran into our friends Sam and Ronnie which didn't surprise me because Ronnie is a plane expert :)

The Blue Angels, strutting their stuff. We actually got up and walked out to our cars for their performance because we were afraid that it would take so long to get out of there with everyone else. As it turned out, that worked out great because we got front-row seats out in the parking lot.

Not the most flattering picture but you can see the masses of humanity in the background. And part of a plane. Oh and it was St. Patty's Day so we were wearing green! 

I also had my first experience with corned beef and cabbage which was funny because Dave's family has it every St. Patrick's Day and I never have. Who is the one who did Irish Dance for like 6 years and claims to be Irish? Moi. I guess my irrational fear of foreign meats kept me from trying it but it was pretty good!

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