Tuesday, March 13, 2012

This is So Boring

I had a funny experience today in one of my classes. This class is a Postmodern literature class. This class is a little out there and I won't go into the professor but let's just say she is definitely the "deep" type, and no matter what the book we are reading is about (usually war, death, rape, racism, or mental illness) she will find a way to make it as abstract as possible. Like if you write papers with words like "presence," "binaries," and "fragmentation" than it will be like the dream the Ralphie on "A Christmas Story" has when he writes his composition about the Red Ryder (not the one where the teacher is a witch, the A++++++ one). So we all try to make our papers as cerebral and full of Postmoderny terminology as possible.

So anyway, we were reading our papers out loud to each other in small groups which I have to say might be the most boring thing in the whole world. My eyes were glazed totally over and I was weighing the pros and cons of asking the girl across from me for a chug of her Diet Coke when I notice that the guy that is reading his paper aloud is smiling to himself, and then he keeps kind of giggling, and then all of a sudden he laughs out loud while he is reading his paper and he goes "I'm really sorry--but this is just SO boring!" Haha about his own paper! Maybe if you aren't an English person than that sounds stupid to you. But then my whole group started laughing and for just a moment we had this awesome brotherhood of understanding about the deep crap that we keep making up to appease our teacher week after week. So he finished his paper about finding wholeness in the fragmentation of the Talmud and we moved on. But for just a moment I was glad that I was not alone in this most obtuse of classes. I think knowing that makes it so I can last until April 20th.

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