Sunday, April 1, 2012

Things I Did This Weekend

Dave's mission reunion

Turned in draft of my capstone paper

Went for  a run in the marvelous sun

Manned the XTerra through the drive-through at Taco Bell while Dave went to the registers inside so that we could get double free breakfast burritos. And no I did not eat one of those things, both were for him. Oh to have the metabolism of a 24-year-old Asian boy.

Watched General Conference. Felt refreshed, renewed, and recommitted to truth.

Made coffee cake.

Walked to Provo Library. Found out they had released my reserved book onto the circulation shelves to be snatched by someone else. Boo. But found other books to get instead.

Read said books until the next session of Conference started.

Finished sewing project....didn't turn out so great....Dave asked if it has been long enough to start making jokes about it or if he needed to still be sensitive but I said he could go for it. Offensive yet funny joke ensued.

Talked to my mom on the phone while Dave was at Priesthood. Found new show called Clean Freaks. Promised myself to never take organization that far.

Ate Little Caesars that Dave brought home. Promptly fell asleep at 10pm.

Had weird dream about a little girl named Katniss that I didn't want to be friends with?

Watched more wonderful conference.

Made some freezer meals.

Had sisters over for Homemade Cafe Rio.

Lost to them at charades.

Did not do homework.


  1. Yay conference weekend - and talking to your mom on the phone!