Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Love That Honey Nut Taste


I had a little accident on my way to school today. Not a car accident, but an accident that happened in my car. I was doing the usual of trying to do like eight things at once and in my not-so-smartest move I decided to eat my beloved Honey Nut Cheerios in the car while I was driving. Now, I know it is stupid to eat and drive period, never mind to eat spill-able cereal but oh well I have done it like every day for the past four years so what's once more?

Well I pulled out from our street onto 500 North a little too fast and all of a sudden my just-poured bowl of Honey Nuts shot off the cup holder where they were balanced and were in between my seat and the console. And the spoon too. But momentum is pretty cool because they mostly all shot down in the Crack of Mordor, never to return again, pretty quick there. So I am pretty excited to go get in the car in like an hour and smell rotten milk and soggy Cherrios! I soaked up what I could with the Wendy's napkin in the glove compartment but I was late to class and alas, now breakfastless. I think if they dry up I could vacuum them out of the crack of doom? The good news is that there was also a Starburst and a toothpick that I spied while I was trying to pry the spoon back out so at least those will get taken care of.

Since the bloggy-blog has been a little negative lately (sorry about that!) I will say that the positive of this little snafu is that Dave proved once again that I can pretty much do anything stupid and he won't get mad. He even offered to clean them up for me later. And at least it was just Cheerios, and not like cheesy eggs or something. And at least it was not a real car accident or something. There is a silver lining to every mistake, I guess :)

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