Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day III

Well it's Valentine's Day so I figured I'd let all 23 of you followers out there that I do indeed love that wife of mine. It's our third Valentine's Day together so I thought I'd celebrate through three different types of poetry. I know it's amazingly cheesy, but please bear with me.

She’s from Alaska
Married this Japanese boy
Now Alaskanese

What a wonderful day is this Valentine’s Day
While the birds chirp and sun shines above
Though I’m chilled to the bone in a wintery way
I’m warmed when I celebrate love

What a joy I receive when she looks right at me
My mind becomes all just a blur
Her face and her smile are all that I see
It's how I know that I love only her

There once was a folk dancing hottie
Who did everything graceful embody
For her heart I pled
And soon we were wed
(Sorry if these poems seem gaudy)

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