Monday, February 13, 2012

Big Losers and Real Biggest Losers

So, a few weeks ago I got an email from my sister-in-law Julie asking if I wanted to run a half-marathon with her on Feburary 25th. This was on like January 30th, mind you. Seeing as she has four children under the age of seven and just had a baby in August and she was doing it, I felt like I couldn't really say no. I really have no excuse. So I started getting a little more serious about my running schedule and whatnot and now I am SUPER excited to be running my second half marathon in two weeks! At first I was a little bummed because it was the weekend after President's Day, when we had been planning to come down, but we realized that President's Day is actually a Richfield weekend so it would stink for Dave to drive me to St. George, drive back up to Richfield with his brother Matt, and then drive back to St. George and then back to Provo in like a two-day span. So even though we won't have a long weekend to spend in St. Geezy, this works out for everyone :) But mostly me, since Dave was sweet enough to change his original plans so I could run this race.

We are totally going to just do this for fun. At the time she told me about the race, I had been running about 7-8 mile runs comfortably on a weekly basis. But still, a month isn't very much time to get from 7 to 13 miles.  And since Julie is just getting back into the swing of running (although the woman did run a full marathon with only two months of training so I have no doubt she will school me), we have both just agreed that we want to do it for fun and not for time or anything.

 But the funny part of this whole thing is that Julie got a free entry to this race by her entry in the "Big Loser" competition at the Washington Rec Center. And she does NOT need to lose any weight at all! She just signed up for it because it gave her a really good deal on a family pass to the rec center. But the image of her showing up to the mandatory meetings and everyone just staring at this skinny girl just cracks me up! And the fact that the rec center had to call it "Big Loser" and not the Biggest Loser. hahahaha it just sounds kind of mean to me for some reason!

Speaking of The Biggest Loser, look who we saw at the BYU/Stanford volleyball game last Saturday! Well, since the picture is atrocious I will tell you....Moses from the Biggest Loser!!! And Kaylee was there too but I didn't post her picture. We were sitting right by them but I was too scared to ask for a picture. I told Dave that it was because I thought that they deserved some peace in their hectic lives (but we both knew I was too scared.) So I stole furtive glances and took stealth pics. I am nothing if not a compassionate fan. 

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  1. Ooh good for you! I have always wanted to run a half marathon. A couple of my sisters and mum have done it and it seems like "fun". But really, I would love to get in shape enough to do one. Can't wait for the details after the race! :)