Monday, July 11, 2011

One of my favorite faux pas

I hope that this title doesn't make me sound pretentious or anything like that. I promise that I don't go around waiting for people to do goofy things on accident....but I have noticed that, especially in Utah it seems, people have the queer tendency to not listen to song lyrics, and then use completely inappropriate songs for wedding videos, Daddy-daughter dances, Facebook albums, and things of that sort. Has anyone seen that episode of Arrested Development where Michael and Maeby sing the duet at the Christmas party and it is so completely wrong for an uncle and niece to be singing. You know that one.

 Some of the best(/worst) song misuses in my opinion, include:

"Slow-Dancing in a Burning Room" by John Mayer: This is clearly a break-up song ("this is the deep and dying breath of/ this love that we've been working on. duh). That doesn't mean it isn't a great song, I just probably wouldn't use it for anything related to my wedding or love life.

"Wonderland", again by John Mayer: This is completely inappropriate for anything involving a wedding since there will be children and grandparents there. Enough said. Same goes for "Let's Get it On" Again, little kids and grandparents.

"I Think I Wanna Marry You", by Bruno Mars: It is a cute, catchy tune, and I am a hypocrite, since I used this on a Facebook album. BUT, I did not include the part of the lyrics which talk about getting drunk and married on a whim.

"Hear You Me", by Jimmy Eat World. Dave pointed this one out. It is a pretty song but actually about the singer's mom dying. However, Dave still wanted to include it on our wedding playlist...curious.

"Vanilla Twilight", by Owl City. First of all, don't have anything by Owl City on anything. Just don't do it. But Melissa pointed out to me that, while it is about two people in love, it is also about how they are apart and missing each other ("the spaces between my fingers are where yours fit perfectly")

There are many more, trust me. But last week I was a total pot calling the kettle black because I was listening to the song "Landed" by Ben Folds (one of the many songs that Dave got me hooked on. For some reason he didn't take on my musical tastes as readily as I took on his. I guess Faith Hill and Celine Dion are not as universally beloved as I thought), and thinking about how much I like that song. It's catchy. And the title "Landed" made me think that it was about finding your true love or something. Then, all of a sudden I decided to actually listen to the lyrics and I realized that they are in fact about this guy who is in a relationship with this totally crazy woman and he always felt like it was his fault but he finally realized that he had to leave her and move on with his life because she was just too difficult.

First of all, I wondered why the heck DAVE would possibly like a song about being in a relationship with a crazy woman since that would CLEARLY never pertain to his real life, but then I realized that I had totally done what I had always made fun of people for doing! It was this depressing song and I had thought that it was about love! How embarrassing for my self-esteem. Thank heavens I didn't include it in our wedding video.

Has anyone else ever noticed this tendency in song abuse? Tell me the best ones! P.S. if anyone loves these songs and used them for a wedding or something, I am just kidding. I am sure that Owl City or Bruno Mars can be tastefully done :)


  1. Sting - Every Breath You Take. I don't know how people miss the point. We have an un loyal woman and her stalker boyfriend who watches every wrong thing she does. But he still wants her. Creepy. NOT a love song.

  2. Claire I whole heartily agree with your statement "First of all, don't have anything by Owl City on anything. Just don't do it." No one could have said it better.

  3. Claire, I have a topper inappropriate song story by way of Kristin Rose...