Thursday, July 7, 2011

Floor Swimming is the Shiz

It's a little bit embarrassing what lengths I will go to to obtain discretionary income. I haven't yet stooped to selling my body to the plasma lab but it's really just a matter of time. I love participating in studies that I see on campus, but sadly, most of the ads I see are for depressed, pregnant, non-native English speakers who are right-handed (seriously, there are ads for those people all over). So, since I am none of those I am stuck doing the lame ones that the Marriott school does every summer.

My sister Grace told me about Amazon Mechanical Turk, where you can earn like .50 for doing little surveys and stuff. She has somehow figured out how to get like $120 on there, but I have earned a whopping $8 so far. Sometimes they have really weird stuff for you to do, but this one was definitely the weirdest so far. I asked Dave if he would mind standing on the counter and taking three pictures of me laying on my back and "air swimming" in three different poses. Turns out this is more difficult to make look authentic than I at first realized. The following results ensued:



Yep. So I got a whole $1.50 for uploading pictures of myself swimming on the ground. I have no idea why they would want them but I signed my life away for the cost of a McDonald's cone.

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