Thursday, July 7, 2011

Covert Ops

Yep, I'm double-posting. I hope that doesn't offend the three people who read this blog. I wanted to document last night's adventures while they were still fresh in my mind, though. We got a very top-secret Facebook message on Tuesday from Tyler (Dave's cousin's husband. But we just all refer to each other as cousins because it is much less confusing, and Tyler and I look like we could be cousins too so it works) inviting us to participate in a most discreet mission to release a school of goldfish into the wilds that are the duck pond/stream at the south end of BYU campus. I really shouldn't probably write this, because I am becoming the self-incriminating equivalent of the guy that videotaped himself vandalizing a house back when youtube was new (does anyone else remember this?), but seeing as it was really neither harmful nor that subversive I doubt any BYU Police will read this or care.

The adventure began as dusk fell and we drove to the Springville WalMart to purchase the lucky participants. I was slightly horrified by the level of disgustingness hat was the goldfish tank, especially when the guy opened it up and there were definitely a ton of gross dead fish carcasses stuck to the filters. If I were one of those liberal vegetarian people, I would have staged a sit-in or something:

 The chosen ones, all 20 of them, complete with the complimentary dead one (PS Kiku is having a baby GIRL! Yay!)

We then made our way to campus. The brains behind this operation was Tyler, who informed us that goldfish grow to surround their surroundings, so if we released them they might grow and turn gigantic become subjects for Bio 100 classes or perhaps just food for one of BYU's many packs of roving feral cats (I wish I was kidding, but it's a real problem...) They will be our legacy to BYU. And, if we got caught we had Kiku and no one can get mad at a cute pregnant lady.

Fish-bag modeling is a thing now. And yes, Kiku is under the hood of their car in the background. This woman is hard-core.

 Unfortunately fish modeling caused the knot to become really tight

 Gently introducing them to their new home. They seemed so happy and free away from that tank!

Afterwards we scammed off of Tyler and Kiku's Groupon to Earth Fruits frozen yogurt and we all decided that the exotic fruit flavors were rather delicious. I of course doused the healthy Acai that Dave chose for us with Swedish Fish and Butterfinger bits, but the antioxidants cancelled the sugar right out.

Can someone give me a need-based scholarship to their charm school so that I can learn not to slouch? Also, notice that both boys are doing "surprised eating" faces and the girls are acting normal. How could they both do a facial expression that is so obscure without coordinating? Mysterious. Anyway, it was a very fun Wednesday night on the town with our delightful cousinfriends.

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  1. I love that the mention of Airi comes directly after the shoutout to the dead fish. Funny. Also, I so wish that we didn't live 6 hours away and could participate in such adventures as this one. I miss fun.