Sunday, July 24, 2011

Baby Broc

I have a new love in my life. He has bright red hair has this endearing habit of putting his tiny hands up by his face when he sleeps. It's my friend Anne's new baby, Broc. He is so stinking cute and it is so exciting that one of my best friends has a baby! He is actually over a month old now, but I realized that I never talked about going to see her in the hospital, and this baby is too cute not to mention.

So, we actually knew the day that Anne would have Broc, because she had a scheduled cesarean (he was breach. I know cool baby terms like that now). We found out that he was born without a hitch on Tuesday, so on Wednesday I texted the other girls and we schemed to figure out how we could get an official invite to come to the hospital and see Anne and the new baby. I finally was a big tactless lame-o and just texted her and asked if she would please let me come, and she graciously said yes. So, after work me and Larsie Snider went to the hospital (random side note: I call my friend Lauren "Larsie". Not sure why. Her initial are now LDS which I love. And, I am happy that we both finally found love but sad that our plans to adopt Kate Gosselin's kid-see below- and raise them as the Doughty-Hopkins isn't going to work out.)

Back on track: We got to the hospital and found that apparently we needed a security code to get into the maternity ward. The last time I went to the hospital to visit a mom and baby it was my own mom and the baby was Tess, and I had no recollection of needing a code (of course, I was 10). We tried calling Anne but she didn't answer, and we didn't have Cody's number, so all we could do was wait in this tiny vestibule while all of the people who had codes and knew about these sorts of things passed us by (I tried to sneak in after one but Lauren told me it was a bad idea. The nurse she talked to on that little hospital phone said it was a "security lockdown", whatever that means. I think maybe people try to steal babies in Utah).

This hospital doesn't mess around...


Finally, Anne called us back (how dare she be busy when she had a baby 24 hours ago!) and we got to go in. Baby Broc is so cute! He has all of this bright red hair and it is just the cutest thing ever! Cody said that all of the nurses just kept talking about it and he could feel the jealousy of the other dads just bouncing off the walls of the nursery.

Anne looked GREAT but since I am her friend and I wouldn't want anyone posting pictures of me laying in a hospital bed on the internet, I won't show you the pictures of her but she was just her normal calm and collected self. I love that about her and I wish I could be the same way all the time.

A few weeks ago Anne needed someone to watch Broc for like an hour while she and Cody did cleaning checks (they work at an apartment complex, and understandably didn't want to take their precious baby into the mold-infested death traps that we college students live in half the time) so I jumped on that opportunity. I made Dave take gratuitous pictures of me and Broc, naturally:

He still has all that hair! Isn't it grand? I am pretty sure my babies will have one color of hair, and it is the same as the Gosselin kids (which I am fine with) so I have to enjoy red hair on other people's kids. He is just the best little baby. Ok, gushing over...does anyone else want to let me watch their new babies for them?


  1. So cute! That baby has some SERIOUSLY red hair.

  2. He is seriously the cutest newborn I have ever seen! I just want to reach through the screen and squeeze him! LOVE the red hair!