Sunday, July 24, 2011

Comeback of the Year

I got a little off the blog lately...I just felt like no one was reading it, so what was the point? Then I got all "what is the purpose of life?" and figured it wasn't worth writing about dumb stuff that no one really wants to hear about anyway. But then I realized that I really like having this little journal of sorts for my own purposes anyway, so I should suck it up and get over myself. Still....if anyone is out could comment or something?

So, to get myself back on track I figured that I would do a super-fast re-cap of the past month and things that I have left out, and then I can get back to normal this week.

First of all, I have talked about my coupon obsession. Seriously, I think it is so fun! I mean, it does take a lot of time but I just read the blogs and subscribe to the daily emails, and they well me all of the good stuff and where to get it, so I really don't even figure stuff out myself. I will probably start posting if I get a really good deal somewhere just so that the rest of you can too, though! P.S., for those of you in Utah, you should check and see if the WalMart near you does double coupon Tuesdays. Ours does in Orem and Springville, and it is seriously so great! This Tuesday I am going to get really good deals on pasta sauce, shaving cream, brownie mix, pineapple, and some other really random yet useful things.

Yesterday I ran a 10k. It was a random little Pioneer Day race right by our house. It was actually really hard! The first mile was all uphill and it killed me. I really thought that I was not going to be able to run the whole thing. I did, however, keep up with this old guy wearing a purple mesh tank top and red running shorts, so that kept me entertained for 6.2 miles. I think my legs have been a little tired lately, so today it feels really good to take a break...ahhh, Sundays. Dave is so sweet to get up early and come to these things with me. When I crossed the finish line, he was there with my water bottle, but when he had pulled it out of the console in our car it took the whole cup holder with it and he didn't notice till he was far away from the car, so he was standing there holding my water and the cup holder. It doesn't sound funny now but it was then? I was feeling all good about the fact that I was 8th in my category until I realized that there were only 21 people in my really good at all. And, there was a wheelchair category (with one participant) and he was over a minute faster than me per mile. So I feel pretty great about myself right now.

Has anyone else discovered Stumbleupon??? My mom introduced me, and as she says, "I can't stop stumbling!" You put in all of your interests and it pulls up random sites that correspond. It is awesome because as you go you can tell it if you like or don't like something, and it bookmarks the ones you like. It also hones its selections so that it gets more and more specific, kind of like We were having some friends from our ward over for dinner on Wednesday so I tried this recipe that I found on there, and it was sooooo good! I'm trying this one tonight! I have found so many yummy recipes and also craft ideas that I never would have found otherwise!

Also...what is the deal with pregnant women painting their bare stomachs? It is gross. No one wanted to see your bare stomach when it was flat, and so they definitely don't want to see it covered in paint when it is giant and stretched to the breaking point (mine will look like this too, it's nothing personal). I am sorry, I just have to say something! It's not artistic, it's just kind of weird.

I am still in love with my husband after 7 months. We keep joking about how we're really going to make it, and then I just want to re-enact this (really just the last part. And why does Nick at Nite stink now and have the George Lopez Show instead of awesome stuff like MTM?):

One last random thing: I was looking at my camera the other day (which I can't find so there may be a lack of pictures for a while) and I found this feature called the "clipboard" which I had no idea about. It had some random pictures on it that I had forgotten about, but I must have taken them while my camera was on this setting and therefore I didn't ever upload them onto my computer. The first time I went to Dave's house, back when our relationship was new, my roommates wanted me to take pictures of his house (don't ask me why, although it makes perfect sense to me and I would have asked the same of them. Girls are funny). Of course, I thought it would weird his family out if five minutes after they met me I whipped out the camera and started snapping pics of their TV room and banisters, so I did the natural thing, which was only take pictures of the room that I was staying in (which happened to be Dave's room. He was nice enough to sleep on the couch). These are the gems that ensued and I laughed so hard when I rediscovered them:

Asian-esque quilt.

Can you spot Dave? Also, babe's first teddy bear was too sweet (it actually says "Baby's First Teddy Bear" on that blue heart it's holding)

Pictures of pictures always turn out so good. Especially senior photo montages. Dave still has that blue shirt, PS. 

This one is my favorite. The intercom? Why did I think this was worth a picture? I think I was just really lonely in there or something.

So, former roommates, sorry you had to wait a year and a half but here is the photo essay of my first weekend in St. George that I promised (cute side-note, though....I still have the note that my friend Jennifer snuck into my bag for me to find when I got said something cute like "Dave's family is going to love you! Not as much as I do though!" Jenn's a great friend like that.)


  1. I got a blog shout-out! I feel so special and honored...see Claire, people read your blog. :)

  2. Claire- I read your blog, and I think you're hilarious. So PLEASE keep blogging. You keep me entertained :)

  3. Claire,

    I ALWAYS read your blog. Melissa has a link to it on hers, and I check it often. I don't comment very much, but I love checking up on you. I have done the coupon thing. It is fun, but I ended up buying waaaayyyyy too much junky convenience food, so I slowed way down. I learned a lot about how to find good deals, though. Good way to stretch a buck!
    Anyway, if you ever wonder if anyone is reading, just know that some strange woman in Idaho is!

    have fun,
    Melissa's Mom

  4. Thanks everyone! I didn't mean for that to be a pathetic cry for love but I definitely liked it!

  5. I read your blog all the time. Okay, really I read all the posts I've missed the few times I actually get on blogspot to post something but end up just reading other peoples posts. But still, I read your blog. So the question is, do I comment all the time to encourage you to keep writing, so that I am entertained, even if it seems a little stalker obsessive? Really I just love you... and your blog.