Monday, April 16, 2012

Staying Afloat...

....Is basically what I'm about right now! Just keep swimming, just keep swimming....Four finals down, one to go, and then I will be done with classes forever! Well, kind of....I have a seminar class once a week that goes with my internship in the fall but I'm just going to ignore that for the sake of my sanity and self-esteem. Then, it is off to St. Geezy for the summer (Dave doesn't call it that. I do. I think it might be like Boston and Beantown and how no one from there actually calls it that--according to my friend Lauren who is from there. I should ask this friend about that). I am going to be working in the office with Dave now....I might see blood and vomit and things....I will try not to talk too much about that on this blog but suffice it to say I have had more than a few sweaty palms episodes over my fears about that.

Anyway, I wanted to share a really cute blog I just found. Now, there are a lot of blogs out there about provident living and stuff for the LDS set, which are awesome. But, I will say that a lot of them are aimed more at large families and more established people who have a whole garage to fill with food storage and like 8 mouths to feed. Someday, I hope that I will be blessed enough to have 8 mouths to feed but right now I only have two (albeit rather hungry) mouths in our house and very little spare storage and so the coupon blogs and food storage blogs that are like "can 1,000 bottles of peaches!" don't really apply to me.

However, this cutest new blog is the answer to my frugal living for two people problems! All of my young marrieds out there should go check it out. They had a lot of cute cheap projects and just really good inspiration and motivation about living on a student's and young family's budget. And they are so nice, I emailed them to tell them that I really enjoyed their blog and that they should keep writing (they have only been up and running for like two months) and they actually wrote back which I really appreciated. They even invited me to do a guest post sometime...ha! Maybe if I get my act together I will. But right now my version of frugality has been "just don't buy new clothes" and that's not really that creative or insightful. 

I just appreciate seeing that other people in my same situation are trying to be frugal and recognize its importance but also acknowledge that sometimes it can be rather frustrating and hard. I mean, I love being married SO much and I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, but sometimes it just seems like we have an incomprehensible amount of time before we will be totally done with the starving student lifestyle! So sometimes a little inspiration or an idea for how to get something frivolous on the cheap or a reminder that it is worth it to be a saver and not a spender is much appreciated over here. At least by me....I really think Dave could live off of like 20 bucks a month and not think a thing of it. Like, he spends his birthday money on new socks and even debates about whether or not that is a necessity. HA! I love him for it keeps my wanton stares at the H&M website in check :)


  1. I concur with Lauren, no one who actually lives here calls Boston bean town. You are definitely pegged as a tourist if you do ;)
    And thanks for the blog recommendation! I am loving it. I am the "Dave" in our relationship and so I love to see other people living as frugally whilst still being oh so chic ;) Yeah for being provident! (I like that. I am going to start calling myself provident instead of cheap...)

  2. Ok you need to post again- you make me laugh. And I miss your posts :)